Tuesday, December 8, 2015

November 18, 1972 The Talented Woman, The Farmers of Illinois, The Japanese Grocery Store, The Rock Show and The Magazines

Dear Mother,

"The day is almost gone and I'm about run down. It was my day to take a little boy to school and then go get him at noon so I had an early start today. Then I went to a funeral this afternoon and we're going to a dinner meeting tonight. The woman who died was our oldest Pen Woman and had been sick a long time. I hadn't seen her in a long time but I had talked to her on the phone some time ago. She was the most religious person I think I ever knew, and a very talented woman.

It has been cold here and so dark & rainy. We had a bit of snow once or twice but not enough to cover much. I just wish the sun would shine. The farmers of Illinois are really in bad shape because the beans are rotting from all the rain & they can't get the corn out of the fields. It was to be a bumper crop but not anymore.

If things go as we plan we will drive to Richland on Thanksgiving day. We'll eat our dinner at noon somewhere & I'll bring something for some sandwiches in the evening. We'll make a pot of coffee & that will be enough supper for all of us.

You do as you please during the day for it will be late afternoon before we get there. Don't stay at home and wait for us if Beulah wants you to go out there. It won't be much of a visit for we'll have to come back Saturday & we may drive to Springfield to see Ann Friday afternoon. Bob K. has to work on Friday so they aren't planning anything. Pat's dad may come to see them on Thanksgiving but if he doesn't they'll come with us. They probably won't know until the last minute.

We had a nice time in Chicago with the kids but didn't do anything special except we went to a Japanese grocery store. The city was just full of people. I think everyone is trying to do his Christmas shopping real early.

We may go to a rock show tomorrow if B doesn't have to work. He never gets finished but I think he needs to get away from school sometimes.

I probably won't get to see Beulah again this time but I'll bring her quilt & leave it with you. I'll try to bring you some magazines, too.

I must write to Ann so I must stop. Hope you are fine."



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