Monday, December 7, 2015

November 11, 1972 The Dark Days, The Dragging Feet, The Terrible Wreck, The Big Bag and The Pumpkin Pie

Dear Mother,

"It has been another rainy day but at least we didn't get the big snow which had been predicted by the old Farmer's Almanac. These dark days get awfully long but I never run out of things to do.

Our paper is still full of election news but I'll sure be glad when they quit talking about it. We do have a new governor, much to the surprise of many people. We vote real close to our house at the Methodist Church so I met B there at noon. We stood in line 25 minutes. Lots of students voted this time--half voting for each presidential candidate. I hope and pray that Nixon will be a great president this time but he's sure dragging his feet on this war.

What in the world will Jerry do with a truck load of walnuts? Aren't the people buying them anymore?

You didn't tell me about having water in your basement! We've had lots of rain but the basement has stayed dry. We sure need to clean it up & repair the floor. Some of the tiles have broken & come loose.

Ann is fine. She writes once a week & called last night about a recipe. They aren't coming home for Thanksgiving since Bob has only that one day.

Bob & Pat are fine. He's not quite so busy right now so we are going to spend tomorrow night with them. It has been a long time since we were in Chicago. We'll have a lot of talking to do & catch up on Pat's school & Bob's work. He didn't go to the train wreck but they had 5 patients from it. He said the students took over the obstetrics floor so the head doctor would be free if he was called for surgery. I guess everyone was alerted in case they were needed for it was such a terrible wreck.

Today went fast but it doesn't seem that I got much done. I spent a good part of this morning scraping carrots. Our neighbor dug us a big bag of them from his garden and they are so good & sweet. I cooked the little ones and have a big bowl of carrot sticks in the refrigerator.

I sewed a little this afternoon but need some bias tape now to finish. I always have sewing of some kind.

I'll probably just have Nora Eakens quilt the yellow quilt for me so don't hurry with it. I don't know how many my lady has down for me but I think only two more & then she'll have to do someone else's. She has a long list. She really liked the last one she did which was Beulah's blue one.

Hope you are fine. Wish I had a piece of your pumpkin pie. We've had it once this fall."



NOTE: Watch ABC election coverage if interested.


  1. Another interesting post but, I wont rest 'til I find out.......just what did Jerry do with a truck load of Walnuts? :-)

    1. We may never know about the walnuts!! However, Jerry was very talented & resourceful and probably found a buyer for them. The walnuts grown in that area are Black Walnuts that have a very tough shell and a very unusual and distinctive flavor. People either hate or love them. They are very expensive because they are so difficult and time-consuming to break. A hammer doesn't work. You need to drive over them with your big truck!


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