Tuesday, December 29, 2015

May 5, 1973 The Special Things, The Bright Pretty Day, The Cold and Windy Week, The Two Affairs and The White Shoes

Dear Mother,

"I'm ready to go to a brunch at school. It is the last meeting of the year for the University Women's Club. B has already gone to a reception for parents who are visiting campus. This is Mother's Day weekend here so there is lots going on. They always have special things a week ahead so the kids can go home on Mother's Day.

We have your package ready to mail and will get it on its way to you early next week. We hope it will be a bright pretty day and a happy one for you. I wish we could be there with you.

We haven't heard from the children this week. Bob & Pat have been staying with a family of children in Kenilworth so they have been extra busy. We tried to call Ann last night but they weren't there.

Next Wednesday is Honors Day at the medical school and Bob is one being honored but we don't know what it will be--probably for the paper he gave. Maybe they'll present his $100. check for that. Anyway, we had an invitation to go but it doesn't look as if we'll get to. B has a meeting on the budget with the President that day so that takes care of everything else.

It has been cold and windy this week and we had frost one night so I'm glad I didn't have my plants out. If we have time we are going to get some this weekend. My iris are budded so maybe the rain has been good for them. I didn't have any last year.

I had a nice letter from Bessie yesterday. They are all fine.

This has been a busy week. We went to two affairs on campus last Sunday afternoon and were invited to 3 more but just got in the car and went to Peoria. We didn't have much time but had our supper there in one of the quick chicken places & then had to drive home in the pouring rain.

B has had lunch at school twice this week and I have been to two luncheons. This is always a busy time of year.

I'm like you about the white shoes. I still haven't bought any but it has been too cold anyway. I have worn the bone ones I had last summer.

I had forgotten that you mentioned giving the pink quilt to Bob & Pat. Don't worry, they'll want it if you offer it to them. They think all of them are pretty. There is really a lot of work on this one I'm doing but it will be pretty when it's finished.

I have some things I'd better get done so will say bye for now. Hope you are feeling fine."




  1. If that is the pink embroidered quilt, then that is the one that I grew up with on my bed!

    1. I bet that's it! Did it have some light green on it too or was that later? I've been trying to remember which one it was. I'm still looking for the pink and white cross-stitch that's supposed to be here! Get a pic of all of them if you have a chance.


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