Wednesday, December 30, 2015

May 12, 1973 The Honors Day, The Final Exams, The Petunias, The Ironing and The Sewing

Dear Mother,

"We got to go to the Honors Day program after all and it was very nice. Bob got his $100. check for the research report he had given earlier.
It was all very interesting and we met the doctor who has been his advisor all along. There was a speaker and then the different awards. Afterwards we went to the bookstore and Bob picked out some medical books he wanted. Then we came right back home and B went to the office.

Bob had been to Washington for his interviews at the National Institutes of Health. He was very excited about it and thinks he has a very good chance at it but won't know until June 11. This would be three years of research in Bethesda, Maryland beginning in 1975. That's planning ahead, isn't it. Graduation is June 1 and then he'll begin his internship in Chicago and that is 2 years. Right now he is working with newborn babies--checking them right after they are born.

We talked with Ann last Sunday evening. They had been visiting with friends and are fine but as busy as ever. She is still teaching part time but not as much since she's having final exams and needs more time for herself. Her school will soon be out.

I worked in the yard yesterday but there is still lots that needs doing. If it doesn't rain today I'd like to get some tomato plants and put them out. We went out after supper last night and got petunias but I didn't like the way the tomato plants looked.

I'm going as a guest this afternoon to a club meeting to hear a program on Japan. It should be real interesting. I also have to do a bit of ironing sometime today.

B is going to Washington, D.C. on Monday. He'll drive to O'Hare and leave the car in a parking lot. Then he'll be back sometime Tuesday evening. He'd hoped to fly out of Champaign but Ozark is on strike so he'll have to go to Chicago.

The children will all be home Memorial weekend and I can hardly wait. I'd like to get some sewing done for Ann before that but can't seem to get very far. I do have a cotton dress started for her and material for another one but it depends upon how much else I have to do.

I sure need to clean the house but dread to start. My clubs have only one more meeting this spring and that will give me a little more time.

We hope tomorrow will be a beautiful one for you in every way. We hope your package has arrived and everything is fine."

                Much love,


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