Wednesday, December 23, 2015

March 24, 1973 The Mood, The Hotel, The Lady, The Letter and The Opal

Dear Mother,

"It's a beautiful morning but rain is predicted. I'm in the mood to clean house but haven't any time to start that for awhile. I'd like to do room by room and thoroughly but I don't know when. The windows are terrible but I haven't washed any except the front storm door. A rain will soon spoil that because there is so much dust in the air. We get so much dirt here because so much building is going on around us.

We go to Kansas City tomorrow and will be back home Wed. night or Thursday morning. We may drive part way home Wed. night if B gets thru early enough. The Phillips Hotel is right downtown so it will be easy for me to entertain myself.

B went to Chicago for a meeting yesterday afternoon and will be back tonight. It's the first night I've been alone in a long, long time but I didn't want to go along because there wouldn't be a thing for me to do but sit in the room. The meeting was out by O'Hare Airport and that's 20 miles from anything to see or do. I don't want to drive in Chicago so I just stayed home.

Bob has started a new quarter so is in Pediatrics now and I didn't know how busy he'd be. It was just easier to stay home.

The clipping was interesting and I imagine the book would be interesting. I still haven't any new book from my book club.

Yes, my lady is still quilting for me. I want her to do the yellow one you have for me. Right now she has the two pieced ones B's mom gave Bob. One is a 9-patch and the other is just squares of scraps. He wanted them done. She has another woman with a lot of quilts that she's going to quilt for so I suggested she alternate between us. The other woman has been waiting so long I was afraid she'd take them somewhere else. I don't know whether she'll do this or not.

I had a letter from Aunt Nora this week and was so glad to hear from her. She said she'd turned over a new leaf and was going to write some letters.

We also had a long letter from Ann that she'd written in installments. I think it took about a week to finish. She'd write a bit when she'd have time and she doesn't have much of that. She's still taking the ballet lessons besides her school and I think she hardly has time to think. They had been to Columbia and rented the duplex Charlotte lived in. The man decided not to sell it since he couldn't get the price he wanted. She said Charlotte's house was real nice with lots of room.

My jewelry class is interesting but will be over before I know it. I will only have 4 lessons since I'll miss next week while we're in Kansas City. I'm making a ring for myself with an opal I bought about three years ago when I had jury duty. I used some of that money for this stone and never put it in anything. Gold has gone up so much that I won't be buying much of it for awhile. Beulah is lucky that I made her ring when I did.

Hope you are fine."



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