Tuesday, December 22, 2015

March 17, 1973 The Organ, The Thick Coat, The Big Limbs, The Bit of Gold and The Puzzling Quilt

Dear Mother,

"I woke up thinking today was Sunday but I'm glad it isn't for I'm awfully lazy this morning. We were out for a dinner last night at Wesleyan University and didn't get home until late. The program was on the organ and the man then played some pieces. I could have stayed another hour if he'd kept playing. He was so good.

Last night was a real nasty night. It began raining in the afternoon and then turned to snow. This morning everything has a thick coat of snow. I guess the snow is easier on plants than a freeze but I wonder how things will look when this is gone.

Last week was just wonderful spring weather. We cut the pussy willow down and piled the short limbs along the curb for the garbage men to take. They stayed there several days and were soon trimmed down to bare limbs by people helping themselves to the pussy willows for bouquets. Some people asked and others just took them. The big limbs & trunks of the tree are in the backyard waiting to be sawed up. B had hoped to do it today but can't now, of course. He'll have to rent a power saw.

My jewelry class began again Tuesday night. It was pouring rain but I went anyway. I didn't want to get out but had paid my fee so I went and enjoyed it after I got there. I had ordered a little bit of gold wire to use but won't buy anymore until it does down in price. It must have doubled so I'll just use silver from now on.

I should have washed windows while the weather was nice but didn't do it. Now I'll have to wait awhile longer.

I had a letter from Bessie this week but she didn't tell much about their parties--only a little. They all seem to be fine.

Your dark blue quilt sounds pretty. I like the deep colors. I have one strip done on mine and it looks quite pretty but is different. The thing is a puzzle and the directions aren't very clear. I have to spread the whole thing out on the bed when I'm ready to change strips.

I still haven't sent Uncle Francis that card. I keep putting it on my shopping list but don't find any. Maybe I'll have to write them a note but that is hard to do.

We will go to Kansas City a week from tomorrow but it's going to be a hurry-up trip, I guess. Every time we plan to do anything the president finds something else for B to do. It would give me a lift to come home, too and B says we'll try to come before long. I don't know when that will be though.

Ann called Monday, I think it was. She needed a book sent. They are both fine and enjoying their work. We haven't heard from Bob & Pat.

I'd better stop and get dressed. I don't have a thing done. Hope you are fine."

                         Lots of love,


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