Monday, December 21, 2015

March 10, 1973 The Concert, The Diamond Book, The Busy Week, The Gorgeous Day and The Office

Dear Mother,

"We are ready to go to school to a concert but have a little while to wait. This is supposed to be a special program done by all the university music students so it should be something. It is the first time they have ever had anything like this.

I gave my book review yesterday to my As You Like It Club and will bring the book for you to read. It is on diamonds--history and stories about famous ones and lots of other interesting things about diamonds.

This week has been a busy one. Seems as if I had something extra every day. Travel Club met one day and another day we had a committee meeting to work on that big tea I told you we were planning.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day and I'd hoped today would be the same but it rained and turned cold again. The grass is green and I can see green shoots in the flower beds.

I'll try to find a card to send Uncle Francis when I get to the store. Sometimes it is almost impossible to find the right kind. I feel sorry for them too. It is so hard on everyone.

This week has been long in spite of all I've had to do. B has been taking his lunch so he wouldn't have to bring so much work home at night. It doesn't seem to make much difference. He never gets caught up.

We are going to Kansas City on March 25 and be there until March 28 while he's doing some work with the accrediting team that he's worked with before. We had hoped to take the rest of the week and come to Richland but that is out. He has to be here for a banquet for scholarship students and there is no way to get out of it.

I had a nice letter from Ann early in the week. They still have colds but keep going. Ann likes her school work but it keeps her busy. She sent me one of her original cookie recipes, too--just the recipe in an envelope by itself and no note. She's so funny at times. I miss her and wish we could see her more often.

I didn't get this letter finished last night before we went to the program and now the morning is half gone. The program was extra long and wasn't over until 11:30 so I slept pretty late this morning. B set the alarm and got up extra early to work on the car. He's tuning it up and changing the oil. That kind of work is play for him and rests him more than anything. It's raining again but he's working in the garage.

He'll go to the office and work when he gets the car finished but I hope he won't stay all day.

I haven't heard from Bessie since the big parties. Did she say what kind of gift they gave him? I sent some money to go on a gift but don't know what they did with it.

I'd better get dressed and get busy. I'm still sitting around in my gown but wanted to finish this. Did you see the pillowcases and pillows Beulah sent me for my birthday? They are just beautiful. She sure does pretty handwork."



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