Tuesday, December 15, 2015

January 27, 1973 The Salad Plates, The Sunny Day, The Quail Farm, The Gas Log and The Peace Agreement

Dear Mother,

"We are planning to spend tomorrow in Chicago so I'll get my letter ready to mail before we leave. Bob will be working part of the day so we'll just have supper together and then will come home. He has to work Sunday, too.

We wouldn't go but have to see about some salad plates I ordered for Ann's Christmas and never did get. I've written about them but get no answer so I'm going after the plates or my money.

It has been fairly warm the last two days but rain is predicted and then more cold weather.

I entertained As You Like It Club yesterday and it was a wonderful sunny day. So many of the women go away for the winter we only had 13 and that's about half of the group. The smaller group is nice though because everyone can visit and we aren't so crowded. They stayed & stayed after the program and seemed to have a real good time.

I had wondered what would be done with the land back of you when Hensons sold it. The quail farm sounds fine and it would be nice to have a house down on that corner.

Do you have that blue quilt finished already? It went awfully fast. I bet it's pretty.

I think you'd better leave the gas log in your fireplace. We'll light it the next time we come and see if it does o.k. Then maybe you wouldn't be afraid to light it. If you really do decide you want it out then sometime maybe we could take it out but I suppose it depends upon how it is put in. It may be too big for my fireplace but if it isn't I would like to have it sometime--but not until you're sure you want it out of there.

My sinus pains are gone now. They affect me very differently from many people. My eyes hurt sometimes but usually the pain is in the top of my head.

Let's hope the peace agreement is really signed tomorrow. They can't get the POWs and our soldiers home soon enough to suit me. The Peoria station listed Bruce Seeber as one of the local boys as a POW. There are several more but we don't know them. It is a shame that Johnson couldn't have lived until the agreement was signed but Nixon had told him two weeks ago that it was coming so he at least knew that much.

Did Aunt Cliffie bring you Lady Bird's book or did she finish it? I had forgotten about it until this week. If you don't have it I wish you'd ask John Henry for it. It's a book I want to keep but if they have misplaced it or can't find it don't worry him or yourself about it.

Ann was starting classes this week so we haven't heard from her. She's probably very busy.

I hope you are fine."



NOTE:  Please read the post from Feb. 19, 1967 and use the link to read about Bruce's service and POW status.


And for Nixon's address on the peace agreement:


  1. I remember hoping that this time it would really be the end of Vietnam and not another ploy, to use a polite word.
    So did you ever get your plates?

  2. It's about time for Watergate, something Mom wrote about in many of the upcoming letters. As for the plates, I'll save you from having to read tomorrow's letter and tell you that yes, she went directly to Marshall Fields in Chicago and got the plates herself. It was the era of "You need 8 of everything!"


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