Monday, December 14, 2015

January 21, 1973 The Jewelry Designs, The Drastic Change, The Little Boy, The Gas Shortage and The Big Stitches

Dear Mother,

"This day is about gone and I haven't accomplished much of anything. The jewelry class will begin again in February and I've been thinking about things to do for that and just about wasted the whole morning playing around with designs.

Our spring weather is gone and it is wintry again. B said it sure was nice while it lasted. The drastic change in the weather affected my sinuses so I stayed inside but was out most of yesterday and am fine now.

It was my day to take the little boy to school which I enjoy doing. He is so sweet. He is a little over 2 and can't walk yet but they are working with him in the therapy department of one of the hospitals and he can stand up a bit now.

There isn't much use in getting disturbed over gas not being delivered. They probably don't have it at all and can't get as much as they want. Our farmers are having a hard time drying their corn & beans because of the shortage. I guess the dryers burn gas.

You'd better leave the gas log in the fireplace--especially if the damper is broken. You wouldn't want to smoke up the house and if the furnace should go off you'd still have heat. I'd like to have a gas log. There is one at school and it always looks so cheery, and no mess. Long before Christmas I piled wood on the back porch so we could use the fireplace without going to the patio for wood. We haven't had a single fire.

I'm glad Aunt Nora sold her little house. It was a worry to her and maybe Alfred will clean it up a bit so the neighborhood will look better.

I'm glad you liked the pear honey and I'll try to bring you some more the next time we come. B likes it too and I gave some to friends at Christmas and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Your quilt sounds pretty. The stitches must be big if you're using 6 strands but it will probably look a little different from the others and be nice.

My handwork goes slow. I'm itching to start that quilt top that's going to be so hard but I want to finish Ann's afghan before I begin anything else. I have several things cut out to sew so the sewing machine stays busy. I did that this week while I had to stay in and I always like to cut several things while I have the dining table spread out. It seems easier to get at the sewing after things have been cut and pinned. You can sew a lot in a few minutes when you have them ready to go.

I must write to Bob & Pat so I'd better stop. Hope you are fine."



NOTE:  I've had the box, pictured above, for a long time but only opened it recently. It was fun to see it filled with jewelry ideas clipped from magazines, sketches, pieces of silver and gold wire and paper patterns Mom had cut. I'm anxious to see if the plans for her next piece are in the box.

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