Wednesday, December 16, 2015

February 3, 1973 The Fat Buds, The Bad Storm, The Rare First Lady, The Spring Pantsuit and The Spring Days

Dear Mother,

"After an ugly start the day has turned into sunshine but B says it is cold out. The pussy willow has fat buds on it that are getting white and they would probably pop out if I'd bring them inside. Some of my violets keep blooming so they look spring-like.

We enjoyed our day in Chicago and finally got Ann's plates. After we got our refund in the adjustment department we went to the china department just to see if they might have them. Sure enough, they did. The lady there said there was no reason for our not having received them. They had them all along and someone just didn't do his job. It was noon by the time we got that straightened out so we ate lunch and then called Bob. We didn't know what time he'd be home but he knew we were coming so he'd hurried a bit, I think.

They wanted to go to an art gallery that has auctions every once-in-a-while. The auction was to be on Sunday but was open so people could see the things on Saturday. There was furniture, paintings, dishes, jewelry and all kinds of things from an estate. The kids have gone to several auctions there and think it's fun to watch. I think it would be, too. We ate an early dinner and got home before bedtime.

Pat begged us to stay all night but B had so much work waiting that he felt we had to come home. We were glad, too, for we got up to a bad snow storm the next morning. We went to church anyway and were glad of that for there was only a handful there.

Of course Charlotte can read Lady Bird's book. She can keep it as long as she wants. I don't care who reads it as long as I know where it is and finally get it back. It's a beautiful book and it's one I wish everyone would read. I still believe that Lady Bird was a rare first lady.

It sure took a lot of thread for that blue quilt but I'll bet it's pretty. What color is the one you've started?

I've been sewing again. When it has been so nasty outdoors and I don't have to go anywhere I just sew. I made Ann a jumpsuit but she doesn't know it and I made myself a spring pantsuit. It's light green so I won't be wearing it for awhile.

Pat picked out material while she was home Christmas for a long spring dress and I've worked on that, too. We took it to Chicago last Saturday but I didn't like the way it fit so I think it will be better now. She doesn't need it for a long time but I do things when I can and then they are done.

Ann is enjoying her classes but it must keep her busy.

Hope you are fine and that you'll soon be having some spring days."


NOTE:  I don't know if Grandmother ever read Lady Bird's book, but from the looks of the notation on the back of the envelope, she had other ideas.

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