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February 25, 1973 The Late Letter, The Cloudy Morning, The Blue Quilt, The Broken Beads and The Irregular Letters

Dear Mother,

"This will be late and I'm sorry. I started to write yesterday morning in the hotel but didn't get it done. Bob had to be on duty last night so we came on home yesterday afternoon after B's meetings were all over. Bob & Pat came downtown and ate dinner with us one evening and they are fine. He'd been on duty the night before so looked tired but said he wasn't because he'd had about 6 hours of sleep. That wouldn't be enough for me. I window shopped and just looked around. There wasn't anything I was looking for so I was just killing time while B was busy. He met me for lunch and we went to an art exhibit one day at noon. The Art Institute is right downtown and you could spend a week there, I think.

I looked at dresses but didn't see a thing I cared about and even if I had, I don't think I could pay the price.

Chicago is cold and windy most of the time but yesterday it was warm when we got home. It's cloudy this morning and looks as if it will rain any minute.

I'm so sorry about Preston. He's not much older than I am. What was the trouble?

We were invited to Buddy's today, too, but we didn't know when we'd be coming home from Chicago so wrote that we wouldn't be there. I'm glad we didn't plan to go for we're both tired today and that's quite a trip for one day.

Ann wrote about the blue quilt. She was thrilled about it. She really wants a job next year. They have been to Columbia and gov't. funds have all been cut off so now Bob has no scholarship or any help next fall. This will be hard on them as well as lots of other students. I just can' understand Nixon's plan with all his cutting & slashing the budget at home & then wanting to spend billions in Vietnam & on the military.

You were lucky your beads broke in your lap. Save them & I'll bring some thread and restring them when we come.

Your bread sounds good. I haven't made any in quite a while but keep thinking I will. Hot bread smells better and tastes better than anything I know.

Bruce Seeber's family met him at Biloxi, Mississippi. He & one of his girls (they are 10 & 11) were on TV but we couldn't really tell much about him. They say he is fine though & may stay in the service. I don't know what else he would do, really. That has been his career.

I must stop & write to Ann. Since she started to grad. school our letters aren't very regular. She doesn't have much time for anything.

Hope you are fine."

                                  Lots of love,


NOTE:  Bruce retired as a Colonel in 1975.

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