Friday, December 18, 2015

February 17, 1973 The Full House, The Sweet & Happy Child, The Trustees Meeting, The Retirement Invitation and The Handmade Things

Dear Mother,

"It's a beautiful, sunny day but is bitter cold again. Of course it's only February but this winter has seemed so long to me.

This week has gone pretty fast. I had my knitting group here Monday night and had a full house. Several called that they couldn't come and it was a good thing. I don't know where we would have put them.

Yesterday was my day to take my little boy to school. His teacher says he is going to walk and I'm so happy. He is a brain damaged child but so sweet & happy.

Last night we went to Eureka College to a dinner and B is back over there today for the Trustees regular meeting. I was invited to spend the day with the other trustee wives at one of the homes but I made excuses.

I suppose our letters were late because of Lincoln's birthday. The mail isn't very dependable anymore.

Yes, we had an invitation to Buddy's retirement dinner and I'd love to go but we have to be in Chicago next week for a meeting so can't go. Bessie also wrote and asked us to come for a family dinner the 25th but we can't do that either. I wish everything didn't come at once but there isn't anything we can do about it.

We'll be at the Hilton Hotel from Wednesday thru Saturday or Sunday. I'm not sure when we're coming home. B will have to attend the meetings and be busy most of the time but we're looking forward to being away from school for a few days. We hope we can see Bob & Pat sometime while we're there but it depends upon Bob's schedule. They are 8 miles from downtown so it takes a while to drive down.

I'm sure Ann was thrilled with the quilt. She loves handmade things and doesn't have much bedding.

It would be nice if you had a new church in your neighborhood but I'd think it would take quite a big lot for the building and the parking lot.

I must stop so I can write to Ann and I must answer Bessie's letter too so they won't expect us next week.

Hope you are fine."



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