Friday, December 11, 2015

December 8, 1972 The Sunshine, The Patients, The Records, The Boys and The Robin

Dear Mother,

"I wish you had some of our sunshine. It is warmer too but still pretty cold. You seem to be getting the winter we usually have.

We thought we might go to Chicago today to see Bob & Pat but called last night and Bob is on duty so we aren't going. He will be at the hospital all night and then makes the rounds to the patients in the morning so won't be home until 10 or 11 Sunday morning. He said he has some interesting patients--lots of heart patients. It was after 7:00 when we called and he'd just gotten home so his days must be long.

Patty's school isn't in the city of Chicago so she isn't affected by the strikes.

Ann called yesterday to get some information for her records she has to send to SMS. They always have to know what vaccinations a student has had so B hunted it all up and we sent it to her. That sort of thing simply can't be remembered. She has been accepted at SMS and will start some classes next semester.

My brown & gold embroidered quilt is all done. It is so pretty. My lady didn't want another one now because she is going to move. She will call me when she's ready. I have some pieced ones B's mom made. Two of them are Bob's & I may give the others to Ann. She doesn't have much bedding and I don't need them.

I finally got my hair fixed. I went to a new shop and the girl gave me a whole new permanent. It took a long time and she was real careful so I have some curl now. I washed it yesterday and it did fine.

The boys across the street got out this weekend and cleaned up their yard. It looks so nice. I wish ours was cleaned up but I don't know when we'll do it.

I saw a robin one day so maybe that's a good sign.

There isn't much to write and it is almost lunch time so I'd better get the soup on. Hope you are fine."



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