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December 22, 1972 The Christmas Card, The Clear Highways, The Dacron Filling, The Bad Haircut and The Happy Christmas Day

Dear Mother,

"I have thought about you all week and wished I could be with you. The weather has moderated here and I keep hoping it has there although we still have lots of ice. It doesn't seem possible that Aunt Cliffie could be gone. I had a Christmas card from her only a few days ago and I was glad I'd sent hers early. I know how much you will miss her for she has certainly been a big help to you. It was nice of Mrs. Simmons to stay with you. She is a good person, isn't she? The flowers sound nice. I'm sending $5. to go on them. Let me know if that isn't enough but Bessie said they'd want to be in on it, too and I'm sure Beulah will.

Thank you for the nice Christmas check. It was too much, though. we'll divide it and I think I'll get me some jewelry tools. There are some pliers and files I've wanted. Daddy had lots of good jewelry tools & I've bought some but I'm just like him about tools. I never have all I want.

I knew you'd like that lotion. My legs always get so dry in the winter but they haven't since I've been using that lotion. When I take a bath I put it all over me and I'm not itchy like I get sometimes in winter.

Ann just called to say they couldn't leave Springfield until about 4:30 today. I was glad she called so we'll know when to expect them and not be wondering. The highways are clear now and it is supposed to be warmer today--in the 40s and that is warm after what we've had.

I know the yellow quilt is pretty. After Christmas I must get the rest of the tops ready to be quilted while Mrs. Follick is working on mine. Bob has 2 pieced ones and I have 2 that Grandmother Belshe made so I guess I'll have them finished up. They aren't any good as tops. The dacron filling makes a warm quilt. We are still sleeping under the red & white one and no more covers. A cotton filled quilt is not enough.

My hair isn't damaged a bit. There isn't any permanent and all I got for my money was a bad haircut.

I'll go somewhere else after things settle down but I practically glue it in place with hairspray and it looks all right for a day or two after I wash it.

I must get some bread mixed up or we won't have any rolls.

I hope you have a happy Christmas day and that you are fine."

           Much love,


NOTE: This is the last letter of 1972.

Thank you for reading the letters and I hope you join us for 1973! Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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