Thursday, December 10, 2015

December 1, 1972 The Shining Sun, The Scratchy Throat, The Big Batch, The Wedding Invitation and The Kitchen Floor

Dear Mother,

"The sun is actually shining for the second day now. I have been doing a bit of extra cleaning since I can see where the dirt is. When it's cloudy I can't really tell when I'm getting the dirt up.

Our potluck group meets here tomorrow night, too, so I have to have the house in fair shape when they come.

My scratchy throat turned into a real cold but it is about gone now. I hope you didn't take it. I haven't had a cold in several years and didn't enjoy this one a bit.

We got our first Christmas card today and I haven't even started on mine. I have done a little bit of Xmas shopping but not much.

We need to go to Chicago but can't do that for awhile. I may get Ann some china pieces but can't get them here. We stopped at a shopping center in St. Louis on our way home last week but Famous Barr didn't have the pattern. Ann doesn't have any salad plates for her good china and she uses it quite a bit.

We still don't know whether Ann & Bob will come Christmas. I sure hope so. I've been getting ready anyway and made a big batch of T.V. mix this week. Bob & Pat are always wanting snacks so they'll like it.

The pie & bread sure tasted good when we got home. I put the pie in the oven for awhile and it sure was good. I cooked the parsnips too on Sunday and we liked them. I just put butter & nutmeg on them like the cookbook said. I don't know that I ever cooked any before. Turnip slaw is a little too strong but they'd be good mixed with lettuce or even apples maybe. It was pretty good but just too strong a flavor for me.

We had an invitation to Ricky's wedding in New Jersey. The girl is a nurse & I guess she's Catholic since the wedding is to be in a Catholic church. I think they're going to Hawaii to live.

We haven't heard from any of the kids this week. They are probably all real busy. Bob & Pat wanted to stay till late Sunday but the weather looked sort of bad so they left right after lunch.

Tony came by this morning on her way to work. It's the first time she's been here in a long time. She seems happy. Her boys should be thru school this year and Lynn teaches in another town. She is still single and doesn't have a boyfriend.

It's about time I finished with my cleaning. The kitchen floor has to be scrubbed & the bathroom cleaned.

Hope you are fine."                              



NOTE: Grandmother's notes on the back of the envelope look like a recipe for gingerbread. And possibly very tiny ones if a thimble is required!


  1. Famous Barr! There's a name from the past. Lessee... I think their "mother ship" store was in downtown St. Louis but there was one at St. Clair Square Mall on the east side. We went to the far side of St. Louis once to a mall called Plaza Frontenac that had a Famous Barr 'cept that one had a large and impressive brass plaque at the entry. Frontenac was for the entitled and we got to see two teenage girls park their shiny red Corvette diagonally across two handicapped parking spots. I remember seeing $450 mens dress shirts at Neiman Marcus.

    I believe Famous Barr and many others were acquired by Macy's.

  2. Oh yes, Plaza Frontenac is still there and popular with all types of shoppers, high end and otherwise, including night time teens. And you are right, Famous has gone the way of Macy's as have so many of the old department stores! Teenage girls in new corvettes just isn't right:-)


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