Monday, December 28, 2015

April 29, 1973 The Cherry Tree, The Pierced Ears, The Unsuitable Neckline, The New Dining Room and The Watergate Mess

Dear Mother,

"It is a beautiful day but real chilly. Frost was predicted for last night but it only went to 33º so nothing was hurt. I set the sultana out in the sun yesterday but didn't leave it long. The wind seemed too cold. The cherry tree by our study window is in full bloom & the neighbors have an apple tree that is almost too beautiful to look at. It is a solid mass of blooms. Your trees are probably the same way. Do you have a redbud at the edge of the yard or am I imagining that? The redbuds are real pretty this year and there are quite a few in Normal.

Bob & Pat stayed until about 4:00 last Sunday so we really had a nice weekend. We wished for Ann & Bob. Bob pierced my ears while he was here. I've always wished it was done but never had the nerve. He said it wouldn't hurt & it didn't. He brought the stuff to do it and it was all very easy. I can't take the earrings out for six weeks but have to clean my ears several times a day & turn the earrings. The alcohol doesn't even sting. If I'd known it would be so easy I wouldn't have waited so long.

I finally got to my sewing this week and finished a dress but the neckline doesn't suit me so I may have to do something about that. Do you remember how we used to square the shoulders off on my dresses? That's what this one needs but it is all finished & even has braid on it so I think I'll wear it once before I decide what to do about it.

Beulah wrote me about her new dining room. It sure sounds pretty. Wainscoting will look very nice in that big room. Horace couldn't get two of the chairs we ordered in the upholstery we wanted. That one had been cancelled and they had another type which we didn't care for. He sent me a sample so we'll just have the one new chair and pick out another fabric for the others when we get to Richland again.

B came home from the office so I stopped to fix lunch. He wants to mow the lawn and dig some dandelions. We are having the potluck group here tonight so I've been cleaning the house but am not quite finished.

B had to represent the University at the Chamber of Commerce dinner Thursday night and made a little welcome speech since it was held on campus. I didn't have to go so just stayed at home. The speaker was a White House reporter & he talked about the Watergate mess. Everyone thought he was very good and what I read sounded good.

Last night we went with Bones to a dinner as their guests. That speaker talked about early schools in Illinois so we really enjoyed that.

I've worked only a little on my quilt this week but you seem to be doing fine with yours. You were wonderful about giving Marjorie the pink one. You could give it to Shirley & make Marjorie a yellow or green or blue. I really don't know what colors she likes. You just think of blues or greens for a redhead. I don't think Shirley would care what color you made for her. She'd like it because you made it.

I hope you aren't so tired now. You'd better start resting every afternoon as you used to do. If you go to sleep that probably would be good because you never have enough sleep anyway. It seems that being over-tired can keep one from sleeping more than napping in the daytime. At least, I'm that way. Why don't you try reading in bed when you can't sleep? Move a lamp close to the bed so you can reach it and then try reading. That might be more restful than just lying awake.

I guess I'd better get to work or my company will be here before I get the table set."




  1. Ah, yes! The infamous story of my dad piercing Grandmommy's ears. I wouldn't let him do mine. Apparently as a 13 year old the mall seemed like a better choice than a doctor. ;)

  2. Haha! You got lucky. Mom took me to her Dr. in 1963 to get mine done. He drew a small circle on each ear lobe, ask me if that's where I wanted the holes, and the rest was history. I think he did the entire class of 8th grade girls eventually. 13 was the magic age:-)


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