Saturday, December 26, 2015

April 14, 1973 The Bright Sun, The Finished Quilts, The Sweet Story and The Medical Meeting

Dear Mother,

"At last we have a nice day. The sun is bright and the temperature is supposed to climb to the 60's. We have had the same thing you have--snow, rain & freezing. The plants don't look hurt but maybe they have ice in them & will wilt when it thaws. We expect rain again tonight so B wants to rake the yard and get fertilizer on it sometime today.

Mrs. Follick finished Bob & Pat's quilts this week so I went after them yesterday. They are just pieced of scraps but are quite pretty. I took another pieced one to her and would have taken my new yellow one but didn't have a batt big enough. I keep them (the batts & backs) all ready so when she calls me I don't have to hunt the stuff up.

I think you'll like one of the books Shirley brought. It's Two From Galillee. I read it this week and it's a sweet story.

We really enjoyed the pie and bread. I sliced it thick & toasted it in the broiler. It is so good that way. One of these days I'm going to spend all day making bread. There are several recipes I want to try.

Audrey called me that stormy day to bring some sewing & come up. She had called several but I didn't go because I was waiting for a TV man to come but I really didn't want to get out in that miserable weather anyway.

Bob has been in Lexington, Kentucky the last few days to some medical meeting of students. A carload went from Chicago and he was to read a paper. He read it to a meeting in Chicago and won a $100. first prize. We didn't even know there was a prize being given. This is his research project--a child's kidney disease of some sort.

This isn't much letter but there isn't much news. Hope you are not so tired now."



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