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September 9, 1972 The Students, The Stitches, The Psychology, The Buttonholes and The Olympics

Dear Mother,

"This has been a busy week. B's work had piled up while he was gone, of course, so he's been up to his ears in it. I suppose he'll have to spend most of the weekend in the office for the first group of students are coming in today.

Ann had her other two wisdom teeth out Wednesday morning and it was easier than last time. She hasn't had much pain at all and has felt fine except she can't chew. Her face is still swollen some. He'll take the stitches out next Wed. and Ann hopes he'll dismiss her. She's wanting to go home but we still don't know how she'll go.

Bob K. started his work with a training period and he's had to be on guard duty two nights. I suppose they have them do this so they know how the place is run. He hasn't really gotten into the psychology part at all yet.

Ann has seen or talked to several of her friends. Polly came one evening but she has to go to work by 7:30 every morning so doesn't have much time or pep left for anything. You know how she used to sleep. She works in the hospital. I think she's a nurses' aide.

We spent the week making Ann a pantsuit and I thought I'd never get it done. It is a regular, lined jacket so there was a lot of detail. I still don't know how to use the machine. It sews beautifully but if I do anything different--like buttonholes--I have to follow the book step by step.

There is going to be a jewelry class this fall with a new teacher so I have signed up for it. I don't know him at all but I hope he is good.

We haven't heard from Bob & Pat but I suppose they are o.k. Ann hoped they'd come down this weekend. She gets a little bored just watching T.V. We have done a lot of that--mostly the Olympics.

It is really fall-like--even sounds that way. I haven't had time to put away my light shoes yet and get out some others. The church is having a bazaar so I baked wheat germ bread for them.

I thought you knew that B had turned on your furnace to see if it was o.k. It was real quiet so I think you have the problem solved. If it should start popping again just call the man. I don't think you'll have much more real hot weather and fall is a wonderful time of the year.

I'm glad Aunt Nora is finally feeling better. She looked terrible and is so thin. Maybe she will be all right.

I'm washing this morning so I'd better go check the machine. It is so nice to have Ann around but we don't get much done.

It was nice to be home and nice to see everyone. Hope all the noise didn't bother you or make you too tired."



NOTES:  The Olympics of 1972 were marred by the tragic massacre of Israeli athletes early in the morning on Sept. 5.  For more information about the events:

On a humorous note, our Mom said of Sammy Davis, Jr., "I enjoy his music and I used to like him until he hugged Nixon. There's no person on earth who I'd rather hug less than Richard Nixon."

Finally, the "guard duty" was part of Bob K.'s internship experience at The U.S. Medical Prison for Federal Prisoners.


  1. September of '72 was when my life got rearranged by someone named Emilia. ;-)
    So how did Bob like being a prison guard?

  2. Well that rearrangement or your life proved to be a very good and long-lasting deal that includes good kids and grand-demons, as you say!

    I am told that the "guard duty" wasn't really guard duty at all but just part of the training to see all aspects of federal prison life. I can imagine the reaction of the inmates on learning that interns would be on duty as guards-haha!


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