Monday, November 30, 2015

September 23, 1972 The Marvelous Day, The Kitchen Woodwork, The Pink Polyester Shirtwaist, The Pretty Quilts and The Kindergarten Kid

Dear Mother,

"Fall has come right on the proper date. Yesterday was a marvelous day but it is raining now. We have had so much rain lately that toadstools keep coming up in our front yard. I picked a quart or more one morning.

I had my annual physical exam yesterday and I am fine. He always gives me an assortment of blood tests besides a chest x-ray and electro-cardiogram. While I was there I made an appointment for B to have an exam too. He's fine but hasn't had an exam in a long time.

I finally got my kitchen woodwork washed and will do the floor next week sometime. That is so hard and takes most of a day to give it a good coat of wax.

Classes started this week so B has been terribly busy and my time is always full, too. I had a committee meeting here one day for Travel Club and went to Audrey's for coffee one morning. I've been cutting out some things for myself but didn't get finished yesterday so the dining table is a mess. I'm going to make a pink shirtwaist out of polyester. It is really spring material but a bright pink and quite heavy. The sleeves will be long so I think it will be all right for fall. I haven't made anything new for myself and don't have much to wear right now. It's always a hard time to dress when one day is hot and the next one chilly.

I'd love to have the pink quilt if you want to give it to me. You know me--I'll take any of them. The yellow will be very pretty. It would be a hard job to say which one is prettiest if you put all you've made in a row. I love my red one and I think Bob's, with the red & green, is awfully pretty but so is Ann's pink one. They are all pretty. This pink one isn't the one Beulah got in Lebanon, is it? That seems like awfully fast work. Maybe you'd like to do another tablecloth if I ever get to Lee Wards again--or do some pillowcases.

Bob & Pat are going to stay with the children from Oct. 8 - 18 so they won't be here for awhile. Ann called yesterday to tell me of her plans so you'll be seeing her before you get this.

Our tomatoes are still ripening but this cool weather will slow them down. There are lots of big, green ones so I hope frost doesn't come too soon.

My jewelry class met the first time this week and I am so pleased. The teacher is German and is a real jeweler and seems to be an excellent teacher. The first class was for the beginners so I knew most of it but I also learned some things, too. And I'll be using some of Daddy's tools that I hadn't known how to use before.  I'm real excited about the class and had to buy a few things like drawing paper, a compass and such. B said I was like a kindergarten kid getting ready for school.

I noticed he helped me find the things in the store, though. Last night we bought 5 lbs. of lead to make a block for shaping metal--found it in a plumbing department. The man must have thought I was a little cuckoo. I have to melt it down and make it into a flat plate.

I'd better get my sewing collected. It will soon be noon and I've done a dozen odd jobs this morning instead of finishing things I've started."



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