Sunday, November 29, 2015

September 16, 1972 The Thick Traffic, The Long Day, The Wonderful Flavor, The Heavy Book and The 6" of Rain

Dear Mother,

"The students are back so the town has come to life. Traffic is thick so I don't want to go out any more than I have to. B has to work in the office today even though Bob & Pat are here.

They came last night and seemed tired. It has been several weeks since they have been here. Pat's mother & brother visited them for a week but we didn't see them.

Ann left early Thurs. morning on the bus so it was a very long day. I was so lonesome for her but sure enjoyed having her here. It was like her college days and several girls came or called. Polly ate supper with her one night when we had to go to another retirement dinner. Ann's mouth healed quickly but the gums were still tender of course and she had to be careful about eating.

We finished her pant suit & got her a sweater to wear with it and it looked awfully cute. She still has some clothes at home and we hemmed up a dress which she wore home.

It is suddenly fall around here but I haven't had time to think much about clothes. I don't intend to buy anything but do have to get things out of the storage closets.

Our tomatoes just don't ripen but there are lots on the vines. We bought some from a farm yesterday and they don't look very good but they have a wonderful flavor. I never have understood why the stores don't buy from the farmers when they have so many. Maybe they have to agree to buy vegetables all year in order to get winter vegetables.

The green quilt will be pretty. Ann said she hoped I've give her my red one sometime. It is pretty. I have it on our bed now and she was helping me make the bed. I went to see my quilting lady last week and took Beulah's top to her. She was working on one but kept it and said she'd get to it one of these days. She isn't going to add any more to her list but I sure hope she does all of mine for me. I really want her to do the one I've been working on all summer and it shouldn't take too much longer. I keep thinking that but the gold thread is so hard to work with. It twists & stretches if you pull too hard. It will be beautiful, though.

Ladybird's book is an awfully heavy book. Maybe you could prop it up on a pillow. It really is a good book so take your time and just read when you really want to. That's the way to enjoy it.

Georges probably go to Padre Island in Texas for their vacations. It is a national seashore park and I've always wanted to go there but we never have. It sounds a lot like Cape Hatteras.

Polly came and visited a long time one evening after Ann left. She brought me a zebra plant that is blooming and a slip of another plant. I had given her a piece of the rubber plant you gave me so long ago. It is still pretty. She wears her hair long & curly and it is very becoming.

We had almost 6" of rain one night this week so everything is still soggy. I don't think I ever heard such thunder before.

I'd better get to work. I never seem to get much done."



NOTE:  The red quilt belongs to my niece who graciously photographed it for us!

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