Wednesday, November 11, 2015

May 6, 1972 The Old Orchard, The Jacket Dress, The Little Boy, The Federal Hospital and The Rhubarb Pie

Dear Mother,

"It has been raining some every day and still stays cool. This has been a beautiful day but we've had a shower this afternoon and now it is dark and cloudy. The fruit trees are blooming now and we can see a lot of them from the study window. They are the remains of an old orchard and so I wonder how much longer the trees will get to stay. I put out some pansies and a few more petunias but I guess I'll wait awhile before getting any more tomatoes. B wanted to mow the lawn this evening but it is probably too wet now. Your $6.00 for mowing the lawn is an awful lot but I guess it is really worth it. That yard is so big and you certainly can't do it.

I finished my jacket dress yesterday & it looks pretty on the hanger. I haven't tried on the whole thing since it was finished so don't really know what it will look like.

The house is all cleaned up for a change. As long as I'm sewing it can't be very neat with the ironing board up and material all over the dining table.

Bob & Pat are coming tonight and we're anxious to hear all about their stay in Kenilworth. They called Sunday evening to tell us they had just got back into their apartment but had enjoyed the little boy.

Ann called one evening too. She hadn't written and decided she'd better call. They still don't know where they'll be going in the fall. They have been offered the job there but it isn't exactly the kind of work Bob wants to do. He'd be administrating rather than working directly with the children. He'd like to get a job that is open in Springfield (Mo.) at the Federal hospital. He's applied for it. Wouldn't it be nice to have them close home again. It is too good to hope for.

I had a letter from Bessie this week, too. Buddy is really doing fine, I think, and I know he's much happier. He doesn't do anything around home and rests a lot, I guess.

I feel so sorry for Aunt Beatrice and Cliffie. I know they must be worn out. Worry alone would be enough to do that.

I've been cooking today--made a rhubarb pie and a big bowl of potato salad. Pat was wishing for potato salad when they were home last so I decided it was time to have some. Besides, it's nice to have food ready when they get here.

Hope you are fine and that the weather has warmed up.
Ann said she & Bob had cut her hair shoulder length and she just loved it. I asked for some pictures."



NOTE: The McGovern poster is a gift from a friend.


  1. I remember the '72 campaign and the Republican accusations of "cowardice" towards McGovern, a man who flew B-24s in WWII. Cowards never flew bombers. Stephen Ambrose's book, "The Wild Blue" about that time in McGovern's life, was an excellent read.
    PS: your hair looks nice.
    PPS: As your mom commented, I remember too how Illinois winters could go on and on. Our last one at Scott was '91. All the civil engineer squadron equipment operators who usually kept the streets clear on base were deployed for Desert Storm. IIRC, the last bits of ice lasted till the first week of May.

  2. You have an amazing memory for time and place, as well as for good books!!

  3. I need one of those lawnmowers so I can continue mowing my lawn all year round. Then I wont have that awful job of "the first cut!" in the Spring when it's got all long and humpy!

    1. Don't remind us of spring mowing! We have to live through the winter and shoveling/blowing snow before we can think of thick, humpy grass! Funny how the last cut in November is fun, knowing that the season of mowing comes to an end!


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