Saturday, November 14, 2015

May 27, 1972 The Trustees Meeting, The Water Shortage, The Peonies, The Babies and The Weekend Shopping

Dear Mother,

"It is pretty quiet this morning. Bob & Pat are here but he is studying for tests coming up next week and Pat is reading. B has gone to a Trustees meeting in Eureka and probably won't be back until mid-afternoon.

It looks as if it is going to be a nice weekend but we sure need rain. It is a little overcast this morning but it is pleasant. Normal has a water shortage and people have been asked not to water with hoses or I'd sure be sprinkling my petunias. They need it but I've been carrying a little at a time in the tea kettle.

We started our painting last week but didn't even get the hall finished. What we have done looks better and lots cleaner.

What color is your new quilt? I'm using the red one on our bed now and it is just beautiful. I just decided we might as well enjoy the new, pretty ones. I'm almost out of thread on the one I've been embroidering and the store is out of it. I don't know whether I can find it around here or not. I may have to wait until we got to Chicago and I sure don't see when that will be.

B has been terribly busy at school and there seems to be something extra to do on every Saturday.

I wish you had some of my peonies for Memorial Day. That is all I do have but they are just starting and there will be so many. I called Toni last night and she said she'd come after some.

We haven't heard from Ann this week but I know she hasn't had time for anything like writing. This was the week they were taking care of the little kids and then Bob's mother & sister are there by now so they have been busy. I can hardly wait to see how they managed the two babies.

I didn't get my weekend shopping done so I'd better stop & do that. The second Bone boy is home from the Air Force for a few days so we'll probably have two extras for supper tonight.

Hope you are fine."

                  Much love,


NOTE: Before this babysitting job, Mom said to be sure and ask the mom lots of questions. I did and she reassured me that the oldest (3 yrs.) could tell me where everything was, including his morning day camp. I was naive enough to believe it.  As we got in the car and headed out, I asked him how we got to camp and he replied, "Well, when you get to the left, turn."  (Turned out that it took several efforts to find which left turn was important as well as about 10 miles of driving.) Mom got a chuckle out of the story.

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