Thursday, November 12, 2015

May 13, 1972 The Slow Mail, The Rock Show, The Slide Program, The Leftover Scraps and The Prisoners

Dear Mother,

"Your letter came today as it has on Friday for a long time. It used to always come on Thursday but mail seems to be awfully slow now.

We are planning to go to Rock Island tomorrow to see Sorensens. Several of us are going and will come back home after supper. It has been several years since we were there so everyone is looking forward to it.

It was nice to have Bob & Pat here last weekend. They decided not to go with us to the rock show in Decatur so B & I went on. They ate supper at Bones & then went to a movie with them.

We've had two pretty days in a row but rain is predicted. It will be too bad if it rains tomorrow while we're in Rock Island. That's on the river and things should be beautiful this time of the year.

As You Like It Club had its spring luncheon yesterday. It was real nice but I was glad when it was over. Our president had to be gone and she asked me to take over. We had a slide program on English gardens that was real nice.

I didn't know Buddy & Bessie were coming up. She can have all of the leftover scraps. I don't think I want another wool quilt when we get this one done. You can use only so many and I think I'll have one for each bed. Did you show Bessie my quilt?

My suit (jacket dress really) is real pretty. I wore it yesterday & it is real comfortable but the braid on it almost broke me up. Trimming is the most expensive thing about a dress anymore.

Ann loved the things I sent her and has been wearing them. They are planning to babysit with some children for several days. I don't know where the parents are going but these are babies 1 & 3 years old. She has sat with them before so they know her.

They are still waiting to hear from Springfield. Bob would be working with the prisoners and he wants to work with people.

Ann has been sewing and made herself a dress. I'm glad she has some time to do things like that.

I hope your package arrives on time and that you have a happy Mother's Day."

                     Lots of love,


NOTE:  I believe the movie Bob & Pat saw was probably The Godfather, which was released earlier in March of 1972, and we had a conversation about it.

Watch the familiar trailer below:


  1. Vo Nguyen Giap was a fascinating guy. I found an interview with him ( ) that convinces me we could never have beaten him. He died two years ago at age 102. He was a thinker, a patriot and a superb general officer.
    Oh, The Godfather. One of the greatest movies of all time with so many great lines. "Leave the gun. Take the cannolis" has got to be one of the most cynical lines ever.

  2. I will read this article first chance I get. Seems to have been quite a bit written on the An Loc battle. The Time article was very interesting as well. Yes, the Godfather had some treasured moments and lines:-) Thank you for the link. I always appreciate your contributions here!


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