Thursday, November 5, 2015

March 18, 1972 The Meeting, The Traveling, The Dresser House, The Pussy Willows and The Opera

Dear Mother,


"It is bedtime but I want to get this written so we can mail it as we leave for Chicago early in the morning. B has to be there by 9:00 so it means we start about 6:30. His meeting is in a place near the airport so that is quite a long way from Bob & Pat. They will come after me & we'll spend the day together. Then B will come to their apartment & we'll stay there instead of in the hotel. The meeting is over right after lunch on Sunday so we'll come right home because we have to go to a supper in the evening.

Then we'll leave Tuesday noon for Cincinnati and get back home Saturday afternoon. We'll be at the Sheraton-Gibson Hotel in Cincinnati. I'll call Virginia Rose but I don't know whether we'll get to see her or not.

We talked to Ann this morning and they still aren't sure they'll be coming but think they will. That means we won't be coming to Richland at Easter and we'll have to come later. They won't get to come to Richland this time. They won't have much time here or at Bob's home because most of the time they'll be traveling. But we would get to see them.

Have you seen the Dresser house? B's mom keeps writing about it and it really must be nice. I always liked that place.

Maybe Dorsey will still come and rake the yard. It is early yet. It is too cold to rake off flower beds here but we have a pretty day now and then. I have a bouquet of pussy willows in the house and saw a pair of doves in the back yard this morning. We're going to have to cut the pussy willow back if we get any good out of it. It is as tall as a tree & the blooms are on the ends of the branches so they are too high for me to reach.

We went to an opera last night--the first one our music department ever did and it was beautiful. It was Madam Butterfly. You remember the story, don't you?

I'd better get to bed or I won't want to get up. Hope you are fine."



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