Wednesday, November 4, 2015

March 11, 1972 The Garbled Language, The Family History, The Beautiful Day, The Quilting Lady and The Extra Cooking

Dear Mother,

"Things are pretty quiet around here right now. Bob & Pat are studying and B has gone to the office to work. Bob has some big tests coming up and one of them is the Medical Board. That's in June, I think, and is the first part of the tests which all doctors have to pass. Pat has to take tests on the Illinois & U.S. Constitutions. It is a state law. She says the U.S. is easy but the Illinois has such garbled language it is hard to understand. They came last night.

Ann writes that Bob has a 9 day spring vacation and they may come home. She didn't say when it would be so we're anxious to hear from her again. Bob & Pat have a week's vacation and plan to go to Oklahoma to see Royal Belshe. He's been wanting them to come ever since Bob wrote to ask him some questions about the family history. They will come to Richland on Sunday, March 26, about 2 or 3 in the afternoon & stay until Tuesday morning. They probably will stay with you. They will stay only a day or two with Royal & come back to Richland at the end of the week. He said he planned to write you but he may get so deep into his tests that he forgets.

It is a beautiful day today and actually warm for a change.

I've been sewing this week and have a dress started for Ann & one for myself. If she does come home I want to have several things ready for her to fit.

Your church bus is a wonderful idea. I wish I could have heard the missionary. Did you talk to him at all? What part of the country does he work in? There is only one family left there (in Japan) that we know.  The others have retired and have come home. I have thought of one so much since Nixon's China visit. His family was run out of China when the communists took over & they went to Japan. They were our neighbors. He was really a Chinese scholar, though, & they finally came home to Texas. We didn't hear from him this Christmas. His wife is dead now (cancer) and the children are all grown.

Barton's fee was very reasonable and I'm very glad it is all done. We finally got ours done, too.

I thought the cat would come back. He's probably been miles & miles away but cats always go back home.

My quilting lady called me last Saturday & I took one of Beulah's to her on Sunday. She had one in the frame that was almost done & she doesn't like to take the frames down so she keeps one a few days ahead each time. I don't know whether she'll do all of mine now that she has started or not for she said it wasn't my turn, but she couldn't get the ones ahead of me on the phone. I didn't waste any time getting mine to her.

The boys across the street have their yard all raked & cleaned up. It looks so nice I wish they'd come across to ours. The house (4 floors) is full of agriculture students & they keep the place just spic & span.

My ring hasn't come yet but it has only been two weeks & they said it would be 4 - 6 weeks. I can hardly wait.

I had a letter from Bessie this week. Buddy is still working a few hours a day. Isn't that wonderful? I know he is much happier.

I must do a bit of extra cooking today so I'd better get to the kitchen. It is easy to cook for the kids but it just takes a bit more than it does for us.

Hope you are fine."

                        Much love,


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