Sunday, November 15, 2015

June 3, 1972 The Same Color, The Deep Red, The Bright Pink, The Commencement Talk and The Summer Suit

Dear Mother,               Saturday

"It is a beautiful day after a few really cool days. We didn't get rain though which we need so terribly. I made the most of the cool days and painted. The study is all done and everything back in place. It looks the same except it is bright and clean now. We use the same color everywhere and that makes it easier and I like it better that way. I want to start the living room next week but that will take awhile and I rather dread it. We ordered new drapes from Wards so I want the painting finished by the time they get here. Maybe I told you this before. When I write regular letters to you and Ann I don't know what I've told you sometimes.

I wish Uncle Francis would go back to the hospital. They couldn't do anything more for him, I'm sure, but it would give the rest of them a little more rest. Company is terribly tiring but the days would be awfully long if people didn't go.

I wish you had some of the peonies. They are so pretty and one deep red one is just beautiful. I don't have a rose of any kind and the bush on the property line froze or just died from age so it didn't bloom. It is usually just loaded and they always smelled so good. It is coming up from the base but probably won't even be any good. I wish they'd cut it down for it looks bad. Nothing will be done, though, for the old people rent the place and nothing is done except the grass is cut. Now the place is for sale.

Bob & Ann haven't heard any more about Springfield but are counting on it and want us to help them move the last part of August. We'll try to take some vacation then so we can help. Bob's father died this week but Ann didn't know many details. The lawyer called Bob's mother at their house. He was remarried and had two small children but I guess there was some insurance or part of his estate that goes to his older children.

The bright pink quilts were pretty but I sure like my red one. Every time I make the bed I think how pretty it is.

We didn't get up very early this morning. B gave a commencement talk last night at a little town near East St. Louis so he didn't get home until 1:30. I planned to wait up for him but went to sleep before the 10:00 news was over so gave up and went to bed. He's gone to the office now. We want to look for a summer suit for him this afternoon and we have to go to a reception tonight.

Classes are over for lots of the kids so many of them have left town. Things are sure quieter but summer school will soon start and then the town will be busy again.

Hope you are fine."



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