Thursday, November 19, 2015

July 8, 1972 The Wonderful Week, The Peach Pie, The Holiday Weekend, The Wool Quilt and The Painting

Dear Mother,

"This has been a wonderful week--almost too cold, but just right for me and my work. I started the living room on Tuesday and we finally got everything back in place last night. The bookshelves delayed things because we wanted the paint to be good & hard before we put the books back. I think that room is cleaner than it has been since we moved into this house.

The pie sure came in handy while I was working for we just ate what we could find. It was good to the last piece. I love peach pie and just never make one.

On Monday we stopped at a shopping center to eat lunch at noon and then browsed around a bit. That was our only stop except for gas so we were home long before dark. There wasn't a lot of traffic and it didn't seem like a holiday weekend. I guess everyone was already where they wanted to be. I'll bet it was different Tuesday night though when everyone wanted to get home.

A deer ran across the road before we got to the river. I think it was somewhere near the Evans place. It jumped a fence and just trotted across. We looked for others but he seemed to be alone.

We haven't heard from Bob & Pat but Ann called to say they planned to leave Pennsylvania the 24th or 25th of August. I made an appointment for her to have the wisdom teeth out when she gets here. That's not going to be very pleasant. Bob will probably have to go on to Springfield alone but we'll wait & see.

I hope you got the dress fixed. Be sure & tell me how much you took off the shoulders so I can mark the pattern. I wish we'd had enough time to do it while I was there.

We hung out the flag on the 4th but that was our celebration. B waxed both cars and helped me when I needed him to move something as I painted.

I wish you could get that porch fixed. It probably will cost quite a lot but the value of your property will go down if it isn't fixed and you don't want that. I meant to look at it but forgot. I don't see how Nobel could ever find time to do it and we shouldn't expect him to if you can find anyone at any price.

I haven't touched the wool quilt but am trying to finish the other one. I'm getting awfully tired of it, though, and it is so slow. There sure is a lot of work on the thing. I'm going to have to start Pat's dresses before long if I have them done by school time.

Next week I hope to paint the bedroom & then things will be freshened up. There are plenty of other things that need done too but I'll feel like I've really done something when I get the painting done.

I must stop & write to Ann. Hope you are fine."



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