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June 24, 1972 The Suit Weather, The Knitting Group, The Tired One, The Family History and The Whole House

Dear Mother,

"I enjoyed the little story about the eggs. I never was any good at the blowing business but mine are all cut and waiting for the time when I can decorate them.

It has been cold the last few days and we have had the furnace on. The sun is bright, though, and it is perfect suit weather.

Our knitting group had a potluck luncheon at the lake on Wednesday and it was pretty cool. One of the members has a house out there so we were inside most of the time. We all left soon after lunch so I got home long before B was ready to go meet the kids in Chicago.

I keep wondering if they are in Richland right now. There was no way they could know whether they would find a place in Springfield yesterday or really what they would do. We don't even know when to expect them back today but we are sure anxious to know how they came out. Bob wanted to see his advisor in Columbia too, so I hope they got everything done. Their plane leaves tomorrow just before noon.

We called Pat from the airport Wed. night and Bob had been on duty so he hadn't been home since he left at 5:30 Tuesday morning. I'll bet he was a tired one. There are going to be five students so he won't have to do this but every 5th day and that's better than he expected. It is going to be a hard 6 weeks for both Bob & Pat. She was dreading to be alone.

Pat was happy about her dress but I'm glad I didn't finish it because it was a little big around the waist. It won't be hard to adjust and there is no hurry since it is a fall dress.

If things go as we plan we are going to come home next Saturday and then we'll come back on Monday. B doesn't have to work the 4th but we'd rather not be driving that day. Classes are meeting today so they can have Mon. off. We'll probably be there late afternoon Sat. and start back mid-morning Monday.

I had letters from both Beulah & Bessie this week and Rosalyn, too. Rosalyn sent more family history for Bob but we haven't sent it to him yet. He may not have time to even look at it now.

Next week I should get back to my painting but I dread it. The whole house gets so messed up but I'd sure like to get it all finished.

I'm trying a new salad recipe today. We had it at the luncheon the other day and I liked it. It's made with stewed tomatoes. Did you ever heard of a jello & tomato salad?

Hope you are fine and we'll be seeing you on Sat. unless we have to call."



NOTE:  Listen to some Primary Election news of June 20, 1972:


  1. The weather here is set to get colder this weekend so Suzi may well need one of those knitted coats.

    1. Better get out your needles and yarn then:-)


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