Monday, November 16, 2015

June 10, 1972 The Cleaning, The Painting, The Waxing, The Letter Writing and The Pie Making

Dear Mother,

"B has gone to commencement and I've been cleaning. We are having the new dean's family here for dinner tomorrow night. I plan to have ham so am not going to fix anything fancy. They have two children--5 and 7 but I haven't met any of them yet.

It is surprisingly cool here today and hasn't been real hot this week. We had some good rains so things will perk up now.

I'm still painting and now have the hall, study & bathroom all done. I just did some touch-up painting in the bathroom and re-waxed the floor but it looks so bright now. Waxing is such a hard job but I want to do the kitchen next week if I can.

We had a nice letter from Ann yesterday but they still don't know when they'll move. She said some of the interns were leaving in July or early August so maybe they would too. They really don't know yet, though.

I hope Rosalynn gets to go to Williamsburg one of these days. She wants to go so badly. Ann says they are planning to go for a weekend before long. I had told Bob to go if they could while they are in that part of the country. He loves to see new places and I know he'll enjoy that.

Ann & Bob had their first anniversary last Mon. and Bob & Pat will have their fourth this Thursday. Doesn't time fly?

Bob wrote that his tests this week were awfully hard but he thought he did all right on them. He & Pat are spending the weekend with 3 kids while the parents are away. Pat said it was a mansion in Kenilworth so it will be fun to hear them tell about it. I don't know how old the children are.

I finally got a letter written to Beulah. I get pretty slow at answering and she's real good to write. The tiny little violet she had started for me has one beautiful blossom on it but maybe I can keep it blooming now that is is started.

Your cherry pies sound awfully good but pie making is a lot of trouble for me. I'd rather make a cake any time.

I guess I'd better stop & see what I can find for lunch. B should be coming home before long and I hope he won't have to go back this afternoon."

                         Lots of love,


NOTE:  In case you don't remember, or have never heard of Bella Abzug:


  1. "...Abzug’s famously abrasive style was questioned as counterproductive." Yeah, you could say that.

    Re fine country ham, Smithfield, VA ham is better than not having any country ham, but you can order the good ones from the Harper folks in Kentucky at: I have some coming for post-Thanksgiving Hot Browns.

  2. If you've heard Abzug once, that's all it takes to remember her "style"!

    We loved driving the Ozark foothills and seeing the smoke rise from the smokehouses in the hollows. Wonderful!


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