Tuesday, November 17, 2015

June 17, 1972 The Week's Work, The Hospital, The Call, The Sweater Weather and The Last Minute Things

Dear Mother,

"Bob & Pat came down yesterday just before Bob's work starts Monday morning. Pat's school was out Thursday and she thinks she'll have about a week's work at school later this month. They plan their work for fall during that time but she hasn't found any other work. They stayed with 3 more kids in Kenilworth last weekend so maybe they can do that once in a while this summer.

Bob will be working in surgery for five weeks. It is 5½ days a week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. & on call every third night. That means he stays at the hospital all night. It will be hard but he feels lucky to be doing it. There are three in it, I think. When this is over they may go on a camping trip & then he'll go back to the hospital to work on a research program he has doing. He thinks he did all right on the tests. The secretary told him he passed but he won't know his scores on any of them for awhile.

B has gone to look for tires. The Buick is three years old and still has the original tires so they are getting thin. He has spent the last two evenings tuning up the cars so they should be in good shape when he gets the tires.

Bob & Ann have called twice this week. He finally called Washington and was told that he definitely had the job in Springfield but the office had been slow in getting a letter out. He will get it, though. So they are coming to look for a place to live. We'll meet them at the Chicago airport this Wednesday evening & they'll take the Mustang & drive to Bob's home in Marshall on Thursday. Then they'll take Fri. and Sat. to find an apartment in Springfield & get back here sometime Saturday. We'll take them back to the airport Sunday morning. Bob didn't mention it but I thought maybe they had to go to Marshall on some business, too. They won't have time to see anyone but we'll just have to wait until they get back to Missouri.

We are having sweater weather too, but things are green and growing since we had some rain. I need to pull weeds but can't get to it.

I partially made a dress for Pat's birthday & wrapped it up that way. It is for fall so I'll finish it up after she tries it on. I had told her I couldn't get anything made but I got it mostly done, anyway. It is plaid and real cute.

My painting has been laid aside for awhile. We had the new dean and his family here last Sunday evening and we're having the Bones tonight and with Ann coming next week the painting has to wait. My drapes haven't come anyway so I guess there's no hurry.

The Mirror subscription sounds pretty high for the dab of news you get but I know you feel you must take it. That's the way we are about our weekly paper. There's never much in it but we want the little bit that there is.

I'd better stop and begin to organize things. I have my dinner planned but like to get things done ahead so I don't have last minute things.

Hope you are fine."

                    Lots of love,


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