Saturday, November 21, 2015

July 21, 1972 The First Chance, The Old Chair, The Sleepless Nights and The Political Coffee

Dear Mother,

"If all goes as planned we will be in Kansas City when you get this. We plan to leave in the morning and drive to Marshall to visit over night with Bob's mother. She has invited us over & over and this is the first chance we've had to go. We have never been to Marshall so it will be interesting to see the town. We'll drive on to K.C. Sunday morning and be there until Thursday morning. We will be in the Downtown Travel Lodge if you should need us.

Ann called one evening to say Bob had his letter of details about his job so they were real happy. Now they are thinking of coming about mid-August. They are so anxious. I've started to re-do an old chair for them and have it about ready to cover when I get the material. I used the sander I brought from Daddy's tools and it sure is a wonderful tool. It makes the work go so fast I'm almost tempted to refinish the desk. It sure needs it but I'll finish up some other things before I start that.

I just never get everything done and I guess that's a better way to be than to never have anything to do. I cleaned cabinets this week so feel that I have things in pretty good shape. The basement is a mess but maybe I'll get to that one of these days.

Bob & Pat were fine. Her grandmother planned to leave Monday so it is a good thing we went on Sunday. Bob enjoys his work and has gotten used to the sleepless nights. He thinks he's learned a lot this summer but is anxious for it to end. There is only one more week and then they are going camping.

They wanted to look up more family history in Kentucky but will be there on a Sunday so won't be able to find any offices open any place. They are going to be in Williamsburg to visit some friends and spend some time at Cape Hatteras. They are going to be gone about 2 weeks I think and have the time really planned. When they get back he'll go right to work on his research project. It's the same one he's been working on all year--a children's disease of the kidney, I think.

I hope it isn't quite as hot there as it is here but the weatherman says it is everywhere. One sure doesn't have much pep when it gets like this. It sounds as if Aunt Nora has the flu but I hope she's better by now. You stay away until she's o.k.

I went to a political coffee the other night--first time I ever did that here but neighbors invited us and I felt I had to go. B had school work to do but I didn't have an excuse. It was a pleasant evening, though. I guess we'll all be so full of politics by Nov. we won't be able to stand it. I get pretty disgusted with all of them.

Don't do much when it is so hot and I hope you are fine."



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