Friday, November 20, 2015

July 15, 1972 The Big Painting Jobs, The Cool Dress, The Terribly Busy Week, The Two Plays and A Few Pink Poppies

Dear Mother,

"At last, I'm all finished with the big painting jobs. We got the bedroom back in place Thursday so it all looks fresh and clean. There are a few places here & there that I'd like to paint but I'm not going to be concerned with them now--like the stairwells and the outside of the front door. Work around a house is just never finished.

Somehow or other, I made myself a cool dress, too. It is buttoned all the way down the front and my buttonholer wouldn't work so I had to make the things by hand.

This has been a terribly busy week and we are both real tired but B is at the office anyway. He never gets caught up on his work. We have been to two plays this week. I went to a luncheon and last night we went to a dinner in Eureka. We were invited out for dinner tonight but I said no. We're about run down. Tomorrow we are going to see Bob & Pat just for the day. Her grandmother is visiting from Atlanta so it will be nice to see her.

I'm so glad you have the porch fixed. Too bad I'm not there for I could sure do the painting. The men didn't charge you much at all and now we can all quit worrying about it.

It is trying to rain but just keeps sprinkling a bit. I watered the tomatoes one evening because they were so dry. There are lots of big green ones but not a sign of any turning. My back yard is so pretty right now. The day lilies are blooming along with the petunias and a few pink poppies. There are a few big zinnias too and it all looks so pretty. The little rabbit still comes back but there are so many flowers now that it doesn't matter if he eats a few.

It is almost noon and I haven't got anything done. This isn't much letter but there isn't much to write. Hope you are fine."



NOTE:  Since there isn't much letter, here are the top (Pop and Adult) hits of July 15, 1972. The Billboard top adult contemporary hit list for 1972 was designated an "Easy Listening List".

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