Tuesday, November 24, 2015

August 5, 1972 The Late Letter, The Baby Rabbits, The Good Time, The Busy Week and The Sticky Pens

Dear Mother,

"Your letter just came and I was sure glad to get it. It is never this late and I'd been worrying. I've wondered about Aunt Nora all week and I am glad to know she's back home. She must have been more run down than anyone suspected and it took more than rest to get her back to normal. Did the Dr. give her any iron pills to take? I hope Aunt Cliffie is feeling better. Did she catch a cold or was it just too hot?

We've had some real hot weather but it's cool again and I have the house all open. Word must have got around that my petunias tasted so good for I had two new baby rabbits in the yard this morning. There are so many dogs around I'd think they'd be afraid to stay.

My tomatoes are beginning to ripen now and they are real nice. We really like them. Several big ones have been ruined by bugs or something but I should have tied them up instead of just letting them fall where they will.

How does the tablecloth look? I'll be anxious to see it. I work on my quilt every minute I can find and hope I can get it finished before long. Right now, I have a couple dresses cut out for Pat and would like to get them done before they get home.

We had a card from them and they were in Williamsburg having a good time seeing all their old friends at the college. B had given each one of them some money for souvenirs like he used to when the kids were little and we went on a trip. Pat had bought a brass candlestick & Bob had bought a spittoon. Can you imagine? They have always wanted one for decoration.

No, Bob's feet never bother him and he seemed surprised that they would at all but said he knew it was from standing on them for long hours in surgery.

This has been a busy week as usual, and B is at the office this morning. He hopes he can stay at home this afternoon. We're going to a rock show tomorrow and that should be fun.

We went to a reception for a retiring man Thursday and to a dinner for another one last night.

Summer sales are on now so I finally bought myself a raincoat yesterday. It's a little long and the sleeves are a little long but I'll get it fixed one of these days.

I'm sorry this is such a messy letter. These pens get sort of sticky at times. I don't know why."

I hope you are fine."




  1. And they still have that spittoon and candlestick! I love them both. :)


    1. Yep! And now you know the complete provenance of both items:-)


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