Wednesday, November 25, 2015

August 12, 1972 The Steaming Heat, The Wisdom Teeth, The Gentle Person, The Embroidery Whiz and The Sewing Machine

Dear Mother,

"We're steaming again. It has rained a lot but the hot sun is out so it is very hot. Bob & Pat will be getting home sometime tomorrow. We had some cards from them and they weren't really ready to come home. They were having too good a time.

B's vacation is supposed to start Wednesday but he has to be back at school for a meeting Thursday so it is a silly kind of vacation. We think we'll go to Chicago on Wednesday though, to look for him some fall clothes. Ann & Bob will be coming Sat. or Sun. so we won't try to go anywhere until after they go to Springfield. Then we will have 3 or 4 days before they come back to have Ann's wisdom teeth out. We may go up into Michigan during that time so B can get away from school completely. If we stay here the telephone will ring all of the time.

I dread Ann's dental work but she doesn't seem a bit concerned. She's going to be very uncomfortable for a few days I know, but I'm glad she'll be here where I can take care of her.

This has been a sad week for us. One of our young friends died following childbirth and it was a terrible jolt for all of us. There was something about a blood clot blocking circulation to the brain. She had a little boy and he is fine. It was their first child. They were Catholic so the funeral was real long but the priest was a very gentle person and the family seemed to accept it all.

You are a whiz with your embroidery. I seem so slow and wanted to finish my quilt so badly before the fall rush starts. I don't know whether I can or not.

I just finished cutting out part of a dress (the skirt) so I'll be wanting to sew on it. It's going to be a long dress. I don't have one and so many are being worn now to school affairs. I thought I should have one for fall. This skirt is like Joseph's coat. It is striped and all bright colors so I'm going to put a plain dark top on it--probably navy. I bought the striped material some time ago and planned a shirtwaist but decided it would make a pretty, long dress.

B bought me a new sewing machine this week but it won't be delivered until Tuesday. I'll be wanting to try it out right away. He said I could have any one I wanted since this will be the last one I'll probably ever buy and I chose a Sears.

We looked and shopped and I always went back to the Sears. It can do some kinds of button holes & other things that even the Singer can't. We had hoped to just buy a new head and fit it in the old cabinet because the new ones just aren't as nice as ours but it wouldn't work that way. The new cabinet isn't very pretty but maybe it will look better when I get it polished up. I'll try to sell the old one.

We thought the house next door was sold but I guess the deal didn't go thru. There is a new sign up. The yard has been neglected and looks pretty bad.

This has been a busy week. I got a permanent, went to a luncheon one day and a dinner another besides making Pat's dress. I have a snap to sew on it and had better do it before I completely forget it.

I hope you are fine and that it isn't too hot there."



 NOTE:  The sewing machine was not the last one Dad bought for Mom. This one is in my basement, in mint condition because Mom took extraordinarily good care of everything she owned and I've never used it. Maybe when the blog is finished I'll learn to sew once and for all.

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