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April 9, 1972 The Little Vacations, The Sore Muscles, The Turkey Eggs, The Newborn Colts and The Braid Trim

Dear Mother,

"Everyone is back home at work after their little vacations. Ann & Bob were so glad to be home even if they didn't get to stay long. Some neighbors had put food in their refrigerator which was very nice. It is a young couple that lives in the same building.

Bob & Pat were to move to Kenilworth on Thursday to stay with the little boy while his folks were in Europe. That was a beautiful day and I worked in the yard long enough to get sore muscles. B did more work when he came from school but we still have a lot to do before it really looks nice. Perhaps you read about the storm that came that night and Friday. We had rain which turned to sleet & ice and the temperature fell way down. It is still very cold. Chicago suburbs had 4 inches of snow so the kids had that to worry with. We are all getting awfully tired of cold weather.

Patty was so disappointed that the colts weren't born while they were there. She never saw a newborn one but I don't think I ever did either.

I'm still using turkey eggs. So far, I've been able to save all of the shells but haven't decorated any of them yet. I saw them open with one of my jewelry tools and it works fine. That way I can save both parts of the shell and they don't crack unevenly.

I'm really behind with my letter writing. I have a stack to answer.

If things go as planned we will be home this next weekend. It will be after supper Friday before we get there so don't plan any supper for us. We'll eat on the way since we can't plan when we'll start. We'll have to start back mid-morning Sunday. If something comes up that we can't come we'll call you.

I finally finished my coat-dress outfit this week. There was so much handwork on it, I thought I'd never get done. The braid trim had to be put on by hand and there was a lot of it. I've been trying to find a dark brown belt to wear with the dress but can't find one the right shade.

We thought of you yesterday and hoped you had your package on time and that it was a nice day.

Hope to see you soon."



NOTE: Mom read most everything written by Herman Wouk and told me that I would also enjoy his books. She would often recommend and give us books after she finished them. This was the case for Winds of War as well as War and Remembrance, both very good.

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