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April 29, 1972 The Sewing Week, The Yard Work, The Angel Food Cake, The New Dean and The Notes

Dear Mother,

"The day is half gone and I haven't done much toward cleaning up the house. I cut out a jacket dress for myself and that took longer than I expected. This has been a sewing week and I haven't done much else. There is one more snap to put on and Ann will have a new dress and a playsuit. Both of the things were harder to make than they looked so it seems I've been at them a long time. The Post Office is closed here all day Saturday so I can't mail them until Monday.

B is going to mow the lawn again this afternoon but it has been too cold for any other yard work. My garden has to be done over. We covered the tomatoes but it didn't help. The cold got them anyway and they were growing so nicely. The petunias didn't seem to be hurt.

I had a letter from Bessie today. There wasn't much news except that Buddy is back at work full time.

B had a quiet birthday. I had ordered him a new camera bag and it came a day late but he liked it and needed it. We bought his old one in Japan when we were there so it was about to fall apart.

I made him an angel food cake from scratch but it didn't come out like they used to for me. It was about half as big and I don't know why. The sugar wasn't very fine but I did all the sifting and everything. It tasted fine but wasn't very tall. That's my last one because the package ones are so easy and good.

I'd like to see Maxine. It has been years. I don't even try to write (stories) anymore. It takes too much time and it's too hard. Besides, there are so many things I enjoy doing more and I never have time for any of them.

B has to go to school this afternoon to meet with the new dean. He will be here full time June 1 but comes about every two weeks and stays a few days trying to learn about the school's operation. I'll be glad when he comes to stay but hope he doesn't work everyone to death. This school year will soon be over and I just hope next year won't be so hectic.

I must stop and write a note to the kids. Hope you are fine."



NOTE: If you want to make an Angel Food cake from scratch, here's the recipe:


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