Monday, November 9, 2015

April 22, 1972 The Long Dress Affair, The Protest Marches, The Flower Beds, The Oatmeal Cookies and The Coat-Dress Outfit

Dear Mother,

"I'm waiting for a woman to come and borrow a formal so I'll write to you. There are a lot of things, like scrubbing the kitchen that need to be done but I don't want to get in a mess when she's coming. She has to go to a long dress affair and says she can't afford to buy a dress just for that. I haven't worn mine in ages. The kids at school don't have long dress things anymore.

The kids at school have a petition out calling for the president to resign but it won't amount to anything. Our campus has been quiet this week but they have had their protest marches and meetings. Everything has been orderly.

We had a good letter from Ann. She has been really busy babysitting and I think she enjoys that. Bob has been offered a job there where he's working now but they hadn't decided anything. I'll be glad when they know what they will do next year and I know they will, too.

We had two nice days this week and I really made the most of them. I put out tomato plants and some petunias and bought more yesterday. The flower beds had been neglected so long that it will take a while longer to get the grass out of them. The yard looks lots better already, though. It stays so cold most of the time but the yard is green and needs mowing. Our mower had to be worked over this year but B has gone after it now so he may mow the lawn some time today.

We haven't heard from Bob & Pat but I know they are busy. I think they have only one more week with the little boy. Time sure flies.

I haven't sewed any this week but I did cut out some things for Ann and hope to start on them next week. She probably thinks I'm awfully slow.

I'm still trying to use up the turkey eggs. Yesterday I baked a big batch of oatmeal cookies. Wish you had a plateful. B loves them and has been wanting them a long time.

He hasn't worn his birthday tie yet but it will be perfect with a spring suit he had last year. He took it to the cleaners this morning so will be wearing it next week if the weather warms up.

I wore my coat-dress outfit to a luncheon Monday. It looked real nice and was comfortable. There is a Quill Club meeting this afternoon but it's too cold for that outfit.

We really enjoyed being home. Maybe we can stay a little longer next time. Tell Beulah the violets seem to be doing fine. I'll write her when I can.

Hope you are fine."



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