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April 1, 1972 The Happy Time, The Happy Day, The Delicious Supper, The Quilting Lady and The Black-eyed Peas & Ham

Dear Mother,

"We have had a busy but happy time since the children came. Ann saw the dentist early Monday morning and he x-rayed her wisdom teeth. They do have to come out because they are turned and the roots are going under the others. He did say that she could wait awhile to have it done without causing any trouble. So we decided to wait until there was more time for her to lounge around afterwards and not to spoil the few days vacation they had.

They went to Marshall on Tuesday and enjoyed their visit there. Bob's mother was still teaching so they went to Columbia and Fulton one day. Ann got to see her friends at school and had lunch with her organ teacher so she had a happy day. They got back yesterday afternoon late and left before 9:00 this morning. Bob goes back to work Monday morning so they hope to get home early afternoon tomorrow. Ann and I went downtown Monday evening and picked out some patterns so I can make her some summer things. I sewed while they were all gone so got two playsuits made. One had a little skirt to go over it so she can dress up in that. She looks cute in everything. Her hair is still down to her waist and she's sweet as always. They seem very happy and well adjusted. They still don't know what they'll do next year but hope to hear from some schools sometime in April.

Bob and Pat had a wonderful time with all of you. Beulah must have had a delicious supper the way Pat kept talking. I wish we could have been there too. They plan to stay here until after lunch tomorrow.

I stopped working on my coat-dress outfit to sew for Ann so will have that to finish up next week.

It is supposed to be warmer tomorrow but we had another 1½" of snow this morning and it has started again. One day this week we had about 6 inches on everything. I had to even shovel it off the little car. It was heavy and wet and an awful lot of it. There isn't a sign of a flower anywhere. Tulips and jonquils are up but no blossoms.

This kind of weather should be good for the grass seed. I had been wondering how it would ever grow in that rocky clay so I was glad to hear that Everett had put some good soil on the grave.

Yes, the quilting lady is working on Beulah's pink rose cross-stitched quilt. I hope she keeps doing mine until I get caught up. I have 2 of Beulah's, 1 of mine & Bob's red one you made for him. That's all I have ready for now.

It is getting close to lunch time so I'd better stop. I have a pot of black-eyed peas & ham fixed and that's what we're going to eat. I wish you had a bowl of it.

Have a nice Easter and I hope it's a beautiful day."

                    Much love,


NOTE: We visited NYC in 1972 and took photos of the World Trade Towers under construction (see photos below).  The towers had indeed changed the iconic skyline of Manhattan.

As for photographer, Ronald Galella's relentless pursuit of Jackie Kennedy, Mom said, "He makes me hopping mad! Why can't they just leave her alone?"

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