Tuesday, October 13, 2015

September 24, 1971 That Kind of Day, The Leaky Porch, The Lawyers' Fees, The Slow Mail and The Delicious Apples

Dear Mother,            

"Do you ever have days when you don't get anything done? This has been that kind of day for me. The phone rang all morning and I ran errands this afternoon. It has been a beautiful fall day and real fall-like. The leaves aren't turning much yet. We have had the furnace on this week and it felt good.

I got my rugs shampooed at last. This is the first time for shampoo--I've always used a dry cleaner but I liked the shampoo. I rented a machine.

Ann called Sunday evening and talked awhile. They are fine but she still doesn't have a job. She bakes every day and must keep the apartment spotless. She sounded happy but I miss her terribly. They may not even have a Christmas vacation. Everyone at Bob's work is on call all of the time apparently. I guess they have to be when they work with mentally disturbed people.

I'm sorry the porch leaked. Maybe Roy can keep at it until he gets it fixed. It is too bad that you didn't have it all done when the rest of the roof was done. Is Aunt Nora's new roof o.k.? She had some pretty bad leaks.

I knew the gravestone would be nice. I'm anxious to see it. Did they set Uncle Floyd's at the same time? You didn't say.

Yes, Beulah said the abstract was $97. but lawyers' fees are always high and that isn't much more than was estimated. At least, you don't have to worry about that land anymore and if Hensons don't do a thing to it you don't have to even think about it. I'm glad the deal is all finished.

Don't worry about Dr. Myers collecting from Medicare either. That is his problem for you have paid him what you owe him. I suppose by now you have paid the hospital and I am glad that is the last big bill. The $240. certainly isn't much when you think back. The insurance company should have paid you the full $240. as their policy said it would and as Bankers' Life did but we'll have to be satisfied with the $180. I think we ourselves should have filed that claim but we didn't. Hindsight is always better than foresight, I guess. Anyway, there doesn't seem to be much use in your keeping both policies and now we know which one really pays. You do as you please and talk to Beulah about it but I think you might as well drop that last policy. Keep the Bankers' Life.

Did you ever clean out that drawer and put all of your important papers, etc. in it like you promised? Do it now, if you haven't so any of us will know where everything is. That will be easier for you when you balance your checkbook each time you get the statement. Then you won't be missing a deposit slip. Did you ever find where the extra money came from? You remember, there was more in the bank than you had on your check stubs.

I'm sorry my letter was so late. You should have had it by Tuesday at the latest. Mail sure is slow sometimes.

I never did tell you I stewed the apples I brought home with me and put them in the freezer. They are just delicious and we even like them on ice-cream. They are so much better than applesauce. A friend gave me a bag of apples last week but they are so bad it is a real chore to work on them. I've used about half of the in apple cake.

Maxine sounds just like her old self. You must have enjoyed having her.

B & I are both fine but busy. He's washing the car tonight in hopes he can find time to wax it tomorrow afternoon.

I thought you might enjoy seeing the clipping about Lynn. Edna Sorensen sent it to me & Toni had some."

                        Lots of love,


NOTE: The Wards' ad is a great example of what eventually came to be considered "politically incorrect"!


  1. Great post Ann. Bonnie sounds a little tired in this one...I can tell she had a stress filled day. Love reading these, thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Pam! After my grandfather died, Mom was worried about my grandmother and I think that took a bit of a toll on her, especially when she was so busy with her usual activities. Thanks so much for writing and I'm so glad you enjoy the letters.


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