Sunday, October 11, 2015

September 12, 1971 The Invisible Zippers, The Huge Thing, The New President, The Tomato Patch and The Chinese Bowl

Dear Mother,

"The day is almost gone but I haven't accomplished much. I've sewed most of the week and have tried to finish up a dress today. The hem is still to do and I may do that in front of the T.V. tonight. It seemed as if I'd never finish this dress but I used one of the invisible zippers for the first time and that was slow. Most people like them but it was hard to do. Maybe the next will be easier.

I did finally finish the baby afghan--just bought blanket binding and sewed it by machine. It looked nice. I don't know whether they sold it or not. I just took it to them and left it. This is an annual bazaar that is held at the shopping center and they always have so much junk I don't even like to look. Some booths had nice looking baked stuff but I didn't stop. All of the churches and clubs set up booths and it is one huge thing.

School has started for us. We've been to three dinners and a reception this week and B had the first meeting for new faculty this morning. I have met the new president and his wife. They seem very nice and I think we are going to like them. We are tired tonight and are going to stay at home and watch Miss America.

It has been terribly hot here all week but today is lovely. Students are moving into the dorms and the town is coming to life. The quiet has been nice but I'm always glad to see them come back.

Ann didn't get her music job. It had been filled a long time ago and the man that interviewed her didn't know it until he tried to make an appointment with the principal for her. She was really disappointed but said she'd look around a bit.

Beulah wrote that she heard from Alene that the insurance hadn't paid yet but she didn't say they sent a bill. Don't pay it yet. Wait awhile and maybe they still will. They may just be waiting to see if you'll give up and pay it as Aunt Nora did.

We haven't heard anymore from Bob & Pat but know they are all right. They are both probably real busy. Their tomato patch keeps bearing and Moores gave me a big bag of tomatoes yesterday. I wish I could share them with you.

Ann got another wedding present this week. I think she wishes they'd stop coming. This was a Chinese porcelain bowl on a black wooden stand. It is hand painted and very pretty.

I'd better get some supper. I hope you are feeling better and feel like getting out."

            Lots of love,




  1. Good lord... Bert Parks. Don't remember for sure but we might have watched that in the barracks and made a drinking game out of each time a contestant mentioned her favorite man being either God or her father.

    1. HA! You may be the first one I know who found value in watching! I was very surprised to read Mom's comment, but then again I can also imagine her tone when she said it in the context of a very busy week.


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