Wednesday, October 14, 2015

October 9, 1971 The Big One, The Country Potluck, The Book Club, The Jewelry Class and The Nice Ones

Dear Mother,

"I've been on the go all day and it has rained most of the day so it is chilly and raw. I had a dentist appointment this morning to have my teeth cleaned and am going to have to go back to have an old filling replaced. It is a big one but it is getting rough at the edges and should be fixed before it starts to hurt.

The rest of the day I spent at Quill Club. We went to the country for a potluck lunch and it was fun to be with these people that I don't see very often. All of us were sorry it was raining for there are always so many flowers and pretty things to see outdoors when we go to this home.

We're looking for Bob & Pat sometime this evening. She doesn't have to teach Monday since it is Columbus Day so they can have a long weekend.

I was co-hostess for a luncheon last Monday and hope most of my club entertaining is over for a little while. Our president's inauguration was that afternoon but I didn't try to go. Our book club had its first meeting of the fall that morning so I had enough for that one day.

I went to my jewelry class last night and spent all of the evening cutting rocks. It is a small class this time so I practically have the saw to myself. No one else even knows how to use it. I brought the little watch table upstairs yesterday and have it in the kitchen ready for work. Maybe now I can get some things done. It takes up more space than I expected and really doesn't fit into the kitchen but I'm going to leave it there for awhile anyway. The table looks nice itself but it didn't fit where I thought it would--too big--so it sort of sticks out.

Ann has taken a job at a new Sears store. She says she is having lots of fun. She didn't want a full time job but that is what they had so she took it. I guess she got pretty bored without all the extras she has been doing for so long.

Have you looked for your coat yet? You had better, while there is some choice since you need a tall one. Wards has some nice ones in the catalog. You might try ordering one.

Maybe if I stop & we get this mailed you'll get it on Monday again.

Hope your back is better."

                     Lots of love,


NOTE:  Some readers may recall having read the Pentagon papers in the New York Times. It seemed that for the longest time there would be very little else in the news. I suspect it was among the hot topics of conversation in both the Book and Quill Clubs since each club's first meeting of the academic year began with discussion of current literature trends and events in the news.

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