Saturday, October 17, 2015

October 30, 1971 The Knee-Deep Leaves, The Long Way Around, The Bottom Row, The Beautiful Woods and The Live Wire

Dear Mother,

"It is hard for me to believe that November is practically here and we're still having summer weather. We had a terribly windy day one day this week and we have leaves knee-deep on our yard. B had already cleaned the yard once but it has to be done over. There aren't any leaves across the street and this always seems to happen. There is a Faculty Women's tea this afternoon so I probably won't get to help him much.

The weather is really playing havoc in the west. It is a good thing it didn't do that last November. You remember when we went to the meeting in Portland? We are planning to go to that meeting again and this time it is in Atlanta. We have mentioned it a lot of times this past year but haven't talked much about going this fall because we just didn't know whether to plan on it or not. There is so much going on at school with our new president stirring everything up. Anyway, we are going unless something comes up this week. We plan to leave here Friday right after lunch and drive to Philadelphia to see Bob & Ann. We'll get there Sat. afternoon sometime and stay with them until Monday morning.

Then we'll drive straight to Atlanta and get there about Tues. noon. It's a long way around but Ann & Bob won't even be home Christmas and this was a chance to see them. This part of the trip will be pretty hard because we won't have time to stop and meander around like we usually do but we hope to have 2 or 3 days after the meeting and can drive home from Atlanta at an easy pace. We'll be back home by Sunday evening, Nov. 14. We'll write several cards along the way and will be at the Sheraton-Biltmore Hotel Atlanta from Tues. afternoon (9th) to Thurs. noon (11th). Our car license is FB4020--green Electra.

I tried to get a new permanent this week but the girl said I had too much curl. Yet the bottom row hangs down and looks terrible. I like my hair cut short when I get a permanent but it is harder to do that way and the girls don't like to do it.

Your trip to the lake sounds wonderful. I'll bet the woods were beautiful.

We enjoyed Steve & Sally and I'm glad she called you. She is sure a live-wire. Did she tell you she goes to SMS for a class every week? She wants to finish her degree but has a long way to go yet.

I must write to Bob & Pat so I'd better stop. I cleaned the basement yesterday instead of the living room so I have that to do, too."

       Lots of love,


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