Friday, October 16, 2015

October 23, 1971 The Centerpiece, The Leaves, The Green Tomatoes, The Jacket and The Leaking Roof

Dear Mother,

"Our potluck group comes here tonight so I've been getting ready for them. Do you remember the artificial arrangement you gave me so long ago? I think the Bible Study group gave it to you. It is still pretty & I'm using that for my centerpiece. I've had to add some leaves and a few things to it but use it every fall. Last year I picked up some pretty leaves & pressed them to use and they are still nice.

The leaves are really coming down now and so brightly colored. It is cold and cloudy today though, so I guess we're about done with our pretty weather.

I never did get my green tomato relish made.  B picked all of the tomatoes and pulled up the vines. They started turning red in the bucket so I put them in the window and have been using them. They aren't too good but they are as good as the store ones.

I've sewed all week. Did I tell you I'm making a red coat--rather plain but it is really a hard pattern and very slow. I bought the material long ago and think I'll get a lot of wear out of it.

My jacket hasn't come yet. I suppose this is a busy time and they probably fill the big orders first.

I'm going to have to get something done to my hair. It has lots of permanent yet but it is getting too long.

I had a letter from Bessie yesterday. They are getting along fine and Buddy is driving some. I don't imagine he even thinks about going back to work since he was talking about retiring next year. I'm sure he'd like to be able to putter around home, though, in the yard and such but still isn't allowed to do that.

I'm glad you haven't had to turn on the water to the barn. Perhaps he's getting water down where the old barn used to be. That's his problem anyway.

It is too bad about that roof. I know how you hate to call Roy but you'd better keep calling him until it stops leaking.

Bob & Pat are fine. She was to take a required state constitution test today and was worrying herself to pieces about it. She doesn't have to teach on Veteran's Day so they hoped to drive up into Wisconsin if the weather is nice. It should be beautiful up there.

How is your back? I hope it is better."




  1. Interesting to read that back in 1971 tomatoes didn't always ripen in time. I've just finished what's left of mine.

  2. My mother never wasted anything and I can remember tomatoes on the window sills in the kitchen. If they didn't ripen, they got chopped up and turned into relishes of various kinds. You must have had a good crop if they lasted this long!


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