Friday, October 2, 2015

June 9, 1971 The Car, The Storm, The Quilts, The Evergreens and The Extra Rest

Dear Mother,

"Just a quick note to tell you B & I will be coming to Richland on Saturday if all goes as planned. That is graduation here so we can't leave until it is over so don't look for us until after supper. We'll come back on Monday.

Sell the car to Charlotte or anyone who wants to buy it. We don't know what it is worth but sell it when you have a chance if you want to. You don't have to ask me or Buddy about things like that. They belong to you and you can do as you please. We'll help you all we can but you certainly don't have to have our o.k. to do things.

I've really been working up a storm this week. The upstairs is clean and straight now and I just about have Ann's clothes in order. I have a few buttons to sew on coats before I put them away and then that is all.

My quilting lady called to tell me my quilt was done. We went after it and took her another one. It is just lovely and she just charged me $8.00 for the quilting. I think is it real nice but of course, it isn't anything like Aunt Cliffie does but I don't know anyone that does that kind of work anymore. I'm pleased anyway and will keep taking them to her until I get them all done. It will take longer for this one because she doesn't do much when the days are hot.

It is cool now but we have had some real hot days. We really need rain. Our evergreens look bad so I poured water to them yesterday.

Hope you are getting extra rest and that your chest is better."



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