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June 6, 1971 The Lovely Wedding, The Ping Pong Table, The Pink Throat, The Last Night and The Nice People

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The wedding is all over and Bob and Ann are well on their way to Philadelphia. It was all very lovely and they were so wise to want it as they did.

Bob's family (Mother, Sister, Brother, his wife and 3 year old boy) came about 4:00 Friday afternoon. They called from the Holiday Inn to tell us they had arrived and hope everyone would come to the motel for a swim. Our Bob and Pat hadn't come so Ann and Bob K went out to see the family for awhile. We hadn't expected them until later so we hadn't made special plans. They came to the house after supper and we spent the evening visiting and looking at the wedding gifts. The gifts have poured in and all kinds. The ping pong table is full and we had already taken a lot of things to Columbia.

I did much of the food preparation on Friday so didn't have a lot of cooking to do Saturday morning. Bob and Pat came mid-morning and Ann and Bob buzzed around doing last minute things.

Bob is a well-organized person so was calm as he could be. He kept saying everyone told him he'd be nervous but he wasn't. He is a fine boy and I know he'll be good to Ann. They were so happy.

We all had lunch together here at 11:30. I set the table with the good china, crystal and silver and used deep red peonies for a centerpiece on the white cloth. We put the food on the buffet and everyone helped himself. There were 11 of us. I baked a ham Friday so sliced that cold. Then I had chicken salad, potato salad, a jello cabbage salad which was pale green, a relish plate of spiced apples, pickled peaches, green & ripe olives, a big bowl of melon balls, hot rolls, iced tea and coffee. The dessert was a strawberry-angel food-jello mold. It was beastly hot yesterday so the food was just right for the day.

Bob K's suit was light beige but not the exact color of Ann's dress. His mother and I each had a little off white orchid with a pink throat. Her dress was a beige knit and I wore the pink crepe I wore to Bob & Pat's wedding. I put new trim on it and it looked pretty.

We were at the church promptly at 2:00 and went into the little chapel. They decided they wanted to use it instead of the big open sanctuary. It is just right for this sort of thing. It's a very pretty room with an altar so is just a miniature church. They had decided this on Friday when they visited the minister. They had a long visit with him and I think everyone enjoyed it.

B and our Bob snapped pictures all day so we hope we'll get a few good ones out of the lot. Ann didn't want to pose and there wasn't much time for it anyway. It took her a long time to dress.

She looked like an old-fashioned doll when she finished. The dress is calf length, high necked and long sleeved. She didn't wear any jewelry. Her hair was pulled straight back but softy and then fell down her back in old fashioned banana curls. There were little tendrils in front of her ears. She didn't want to carry flowers so the florist fixed a half-moon shaped arrangement of leather leaf fern and baby's breath and that was fastened across the back of her head where the curls began. When Bob K. saw her he told her she looked beautiful and she really did. Even the minister told her she looked awfully nice.

The ceremony was simple but lovely. It was double ring and included the Lord's Prayer in which we all participated and I believe the scripture was the 13th chapter of I Corinthians which describes what love it. Your St. James version will speak of charity but the new revisions say love in its place.

Bob and Ann were all packed up and ready to leave at 3:00. They were going to spend last night in Springfield, Ohio and then go on to Philadelphia today. They will stay until they find an apartment so have reservations for three days. They will then go directly back to Columbia.

Ann had a call about a job at Woodhaven Learning Center in Columbia but she couldn't reach the people she was supposed to contact. She plans to call them Monday. This is a residential school for mentally handicapped children in Columbia and she hopes to work there this summer.

After the wedding Bob's family went back to the motel to rest so we had lots of time to clean up things around here before all of us went out to eat.

After supper they came back here until bedtime. They are very nice people--friendly and warm like most Missourians. We liked everyone of them and Bryan (the 3 year old) was a real joy. He was so good and well-behaved and funny as could be. He didn't even nap in the afternoon but was still good.

It seems awfully quiet today. Bob and Pat will go home after lunch. Pass this around so everyone can read the details and then save it. I won't want to write this all again.

                    Much love to you all,

                         B and Bonnie


  1. Thanks for inviting me! I had a great time. You were a lovely bride and Bob looked quite handsome. (His suit was almost exactly like the tan suit I wore when Emilia and I were married.) We had an evening wedding and drove over to Louisville for the weekend then returned for the end of the semester.
    "It seems awfully quiet today" - so it was for Emilia's parents the next day except that a cousin of mine got the date wrong and showed up a day late. He & his wife were embarrassed but Emilia's folks were pleased to have company.

    1. Glad you could come! How embarrassing for your cousin-haha! Someday maybe you should repeat your vows at his house!


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