Monday, October 5, 2015

June 25, 1971 The Extra Work, The Party, The Warm Apartment, The Little Shower and The Yellow Quilt

Dear Mother,

"This week has flown by. I guess because everyone was so busy. B has worked day and night at school. The budget is really causing a lot of extra work for everyone. Maybe it will be ironed out one of these days.

Bob is really enjoying the hospital. He has been studying how the whole thing works--including housekeeping, the kitchen and everything. He went back one evening for a seminar of some kind.

Patty has two math classes and they seem to be very hard. She works all day on it and then goes thru it again with Bob when he comes home. I'm sure she is doing fine but she wants it all right.

They are going to Chicago tomorrow. There is a party tomorrow night and some of the parents of a student have invited them for dinner Sunday evening. They will be late getting back but the woman called from Chicago to invite them.

The attic apartment
I have spent most of the week packing Ann's things and am not finished yet. It is quite a job. They are fine and enjoying the summer but their apartment gets pretty warm, I guess.

It has been terribly hot here but we got a little shower last night. I've been watering the tomatoes and there are lots of green ones. Things are sure dry though, and our yard hasn't needed mowing for weeks.

Maybe you should talk to the doctor again about your back but it always takes a long time for strained muscles to heal. Do you take the pills he gave you? Be sure & do that so you can rest at night. They are probably for relaxing those muscles and that helps them heal.

 I wish I could come for the weekend but B will be working. If I could see Daddy for 5 minutes I'd be satisfied but I guess it is impossible. I know how you feel when you don't get to go.

The yellow quilt will be pretty. I'm still working on the wool one but it is going to take a long, long time. I'd really like to finish up a lot of things this summer but am always starting something new.

I've been cleaning drawers and when I have a chance I'm going to look for kitchen wall paper and then start painting. There is always something to do.

Hope your back gets better and I'm sure glad your chest is."

               Much love,


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