Sunday, October 4, 2015

June 19, 1971 The Extra Things, The Heating Pad, The Human Body, The Air Conditioning and The Extra Rest

Dear Mother,

"I have been working in the kitchen most of the morning and it is almost lunch time. B is working in the office today since summer school starts Monday. There are lots of extra things to do right now.

I'm relieved to know your chest is better and maybe the back will soon begin to feel better. If you really did strain it, it will take a while for the muscles to heal so just keep using the heating pad if that helps.

Why don't you let John Henry take you some evening but tell him you just want to stay 20 or 30 minutes? He probably wouldn't want to stay till 9:30 or 10:00 either.

I wish the nurses could feed Daddy so they could do away with the tube. He'll probably have to learn to swallow and to chew too.  I can't imagine him even being able to hold his head up because all of his muscles must be very weak from not being used so long. The human body is a puzzling thing and life even more puzzling.

We really need some of your rain. Our front yard is brown and it is so dry I think some of our evergreens are going to die. We have watered them but it doesn't seem to help any.

Ann has been writing to us but they called the other night just to talk. Bob's school has started but he says it is boring and he's freezing because the air conditioning is so cold. Ann's job at the children's school is volunteer but so are all the other teachers. There are six and four of them teach during the year but they are working for nothing this summer. That place is having money problems. Ann will be there 8 weeks and she says it is fun and very interesting.

They have the apartment all fixed and the curtains up. We got them made at the last minute. Bob had fixed shelves and hooks for the pans so they were all set.

Bob B. called this morning and they will be here mid-afternoon tomorrow. Pat's dad will be with them and stay overnight. We haven't seen him since Bob's graduation last June but he's been in Chicago a couple of other times. I think he calls them pretty often.

I've sewed this week and tried to finish some dresses. They are done except for the hems and they are pinned in. One of them was from the material Beulah gave me for my birthday. It's going to be real cool. I liked your blue dotted one and thought it looked real pretty on you but I don't think I even mentioned it.

Get extra rest so your back will heal."

               Lots of love,


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