Wednesday, October 7, 2015

July 31, 1971 The Old State Capitol, The Summer Dress, The Ripening Tomatoes, The Two Letters and The Cute Kittens

Dear Mother,

"We have been in Springfield most of the day for a meeting. B is a trustee of Eureka College and we were invited to Springfield for a committee meeting and for lunch. It was a real nice day. Bob & Pat went with us but did some looking around at the Lincoln things which Pat hadn't seen. Springfield has rebuilt the old State Capitol where Lincoln worked and has made a show place of it. In fact, they are working over much of Springfield in the capitol area and it is really going to be a beautiful spot when it is finished.

I wore a summer dress today but really needed a suit. We have had a week of cold weather. In fact, we have had the furnace on but everything just looks beautiful now that it is green again.

Bob's tomatoes have started ripening. I think he's picked five but the cool weather has slowed them down.

We have had two letters from Ann this week. She is beginning to wonder if the wedding presents are ever going to stop. There have been 3 or 4 this week. She & Bob will be home next Friday and I guess they will leave sometime Saturday or maybe early Sunday. It is going to take awhile to load their things. It won't seem right to not have her in Missouri. She has been there so long counting the time she was in school.

I had a nice letter from Charlotte this week & I must answer soon. I haven't written to Beulah since I got home & I must do that too.

I haven't done much of anything since I came home except wash & iron and not much of that. The baby shawl is coming along fine so maybe I will get it done by September.

Faith Larsen brought me a book from book club and I made the mistake of reading a page. That partly explains why I haven't done much for I had to finish that book. It was The Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart and just a big fairy tale but very good.

I'm glad the share business is all done with. That little paper I wrote out was just to help you remember details and I'm not even sure what I had on it but if Steve signed it that was o.k. He told me Frank O'Halloran still had 39 shares, I believe it was. I hope Mr. Henson buys the land and then maybe things can all be straightened out when we come home the next time. No telling how slow the insurance will be but we can hope that when we come you can know what you want in savings.

Have the cats come back? I'll bet they do unless someone has taken them. Those kittens were cute enough for anyone to want them if they could be caught.

I'm going to have to sew one of these days so I'll have something to wear when we have weather like this later in the fall. I bought a piece of navy the other day but won't do anything with it until after Ann & Bob have come & gone. I'm going to have to start on the kitchen, too.

I had my annual physical yesterday & felt like I was wasting my time & the doctor's too because I didn't have a single complaint but he insists on yearly exams so I guess that's all right.

Bob has been helping deliver babies this week & is sure enjoying it. The nurse called about 10:30 but he rolled out of bed & went to the hospital one night.

Be sure & let me know about your SS check next week. I hope you are sleeping well & getting more rested."

                 Much love,


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