Sunday, October 25, 2015

January 2, 1972 The New Year, The Old Movie, The Funeral, The Connections and The Painting

Dear Mother,

"Happy New Year! I hope the new year will be a happy one for you and all of us, and that it will bring peace to the world.

Today has been a short day for me for I was the last one to get up and that was about 10:30 this morning. It was late when we all got home and then we got started watching an old movie on TV and didn't go to bed until after 2:00. We had our dinner this evening so I didn't do any cooking until then.

We had a nice time last night. The same crowd has been together for years but the group changes. Most of them are retired now and we are the youngest in the group. We all enjoy being together, though.

Our Christmas day at Larsen's was very nice. She had a good turkey dinner and we just visited all afternoon.

Ann called again the first of this week. She had been sick with the flu so they didn't go anywhere over the weekend. She said she got sick after we talked Christmas Eve and she'd been fine when she called. That seems to be the way the flu is affecting people.

Bob & Pat got home in time for supper Thursday evening. They came home happy as could be after a nice vacation. Their visit in Atlanta seemed to be good for everyone but they had more sad news after they got there. Grandmother Woody died in Salt Lake City. I think I told you she had cancer and so it wasn't unexpected at all. She is to be buried in Arlington on Monday. Pat's little sister has gone to meet her Dad and will go on to Washington for the funeral. Grandfather Woody was a Colonel in the army and is buried in Arlington. I hadn't known where he was buried.

I hope Uncle Francis isn't suffering. It is hard on everyone when you can't help them. I do wish they'd get him to go to Springfield. It might not help, but then it might. Does Chloe have any children left at home or does she work? This must be awfully hard on Cliffie.

Did I tell you we had a card from Meta? We are still getting cards and I'm going to have to write some letters in answer. Bob said he'd try to write to you soon. His new semester begins next week and that's always a busy time.

I bought the back for his red quilt this week. Sears had a special on sheets so I bought one. I'll order the batting the first time I order something else. Penney's carries them in the store but they aren't as nice as Sears.

We are going to Dallas on Thursday and be back Sunday. We'll leave here early in the morning and drive to the St. Louis airport and fly from there. There are better connections from there and we'll just leave our car in the airport. They have special places where you can leave a car. We'll get to Dallas mid-afternoon & then leave there about noon on Sunday. We'll be staying at the Statler-Hilton Hotel in Dallas if you need to get in touch with us.

It is still fairly warm here and is raining. At least we aren't having to shovel snow but everything stays soggy and muddy.

I didn't do any painting this week or cleaning either but I did enjoy myself doing things I wanted to do. I have worked a bit on jewelry, sewed a bit and embroidered some. Of course, I had to wash and iron and do all of that sort of thing which never ends but I had a relaxing week without the telephone ringing all of the time.

I hope you are fine. Watch out for this flu bug and stay in if you catch a cold. It seems to make people pretty sick."




  1. Ah, Hot Pants! Never liked the name much, but sure appreciated the look! An archaic form of today's Yoga Pants, perhaps.
    What a mess we made in Laos... We own the killing and maiming of thousands of Lao due to US fighter and bomber aircraft jettisoning unused ordnance, cluster bombs especially, over Laos on the way back from raids on North Vietnam.
    One part of Laos that's interesting is the Plain of Jars - nobody knows how they came to be or what their original purpose might have been:

  2. Yes, the situation in Laos was awful. None of us seemed to know much about the country at that time. Thank you very much for the interesting link. I know it will be of interest to other readers as well. The article is excellent.

  3. Mike, I'd almost forgotten about the Plain of Jars, so thanks for reminding me. Maybe 80 million unexploded bombs still there? Wow.


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