Friday, October 30, 2015

February 5, 1972 The Groundhog, The Belt, The Child, The Miracle and The Cats

Dear Mother,

"It is almost 5:00 but the sun is still bright so we can tell the days are getting longer. They say the groundhog saw his shadow but let's hope we won't have six more weeks of this bitter cold. I have stayed in pretty closet this week simply because it is so cold but I really enjoy staying at home.

The seams of the wool quilt are all embroidered except for one block. I ran out of thread or that probably would be finished. I ordered the batt for Bob's red/white quilt so I have that ready to be quilted. I also have my dress ready to be hemmed but have to find something for a belt. I don't want one of the same material but would like a ribbon type belt if I can find the color. It is too cold to wear it anyway so I probably have plenty of time to find one.

One of Ann's girl friends from high school went to see her this week and called me this afternoon to tell me what a good time they had. I can just hear them talk.

Bob called one evening to say they aren't coming down this week. I'm glad because we have drifting snow and it is so cold. They are getting along fine and I don't think they have had as much snow as we have. Patty hates to drive in it but has done fine. They have been asked to live with a seventh grader while his parents are in Europe so plan to get the arrangements for that settled this weekend. They will be paid for it, of course, and think it might be interesting. The child is in Pat's school but not in her classes.

We have spent our Christmas money on some new lamps for the living room. We've looked and looked and finally found some last week that we thought would do. They are real nice lamps and give wonderful light. I think this is the first time we have really had enough light in our living room. They are brass with white shades.

I feel like I performed a miracle today almost. I cleaned my kitchen stove and that is something I really hate to do. There are so many sharp edges when I take the burners all apart that my hands are always sore afterwards. It is done now and I do feel good about it.

The cats will show up one of these days when the weather warms up. They are out-door cats so know where to hide when it gets cold. Even the sparrows complain about the cold. They were making an awful racket around the courthouse one time when we were in Bloomington.

Stay inside when it is slick outdoors. It would be better to skip the mail for a day than to have a bad fall. Spring will be here before we know it and I'll be glad."



NOTE: Our grandad always had a cat or two for company in his workshop. In spite of my grandmother frying an egg for each cat every day, they left when Grandad died. I don't know whether or not they came back and I hope we find out.

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